For my darling girls...

To Lydia and Emily, 5 and 3
You know you mean the world to me

Since those great days that you were born
You've filled my heart and kept me warm

Beautiful Lydia so much like me
so loving and creative, its cool to see!

And sweet wee Emily, just like your Dad
So smart and funny, a joy to be had!

I hold so many dreams for you
Oh how I wish to see them through

One day last year a lump was found
And now I'm sad and feeling down

My breast has gone and my hair too
And now new lumps keep coming through

Nothing the docs can do or say
Can makes the cancer stay away

So now its time to think and pray
of how to keep you happy once I'm away

My greatest wish I have for you
is for you to smile and have fun too

I'm so proud of you girls you make me glad
For all the wonderful times we've had

So when that fateful day does come
When I rise up to greet the sun

I'll watch over you with love in my heart
Wishing you through the pain at the start

Please move on and live a great life
and free your hearts from angst and strife

These are my wishes I bequeath to you
To be happy - then I'll be happy too.