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You wouldn't read about it... OK So here's the thread agin for my lovely friends battling this awful monster. Introduce yourselves ladies...

soniat-d (153 )    6:17 pm, 20 Jul






I'm 38 years old and have Bresat cancer - no family history, and two beautiful young girls who worry about their mommy dying and being left alone. I've done chemo, radiation, lumps grew back, now trying Vitamin C injections. Cancer suxs - fight fight fight!

soniat-d (153 )    6:18 pm, 20 Jul




Hi Sonia


I had a scare a couple of years ago but was one of the lucky ones. I would just like to support all you wonderful posters that have to deal with this *monster*...

solitaire3 (203 )    6:19 pm, 20 Jul






Sonia! What happened to your big thread?! I've been reading it since day 1 (nosy, I know) and I think all of you are awesome! That is including the wee ones like Josh and Ryan too :) Jen

antmannz (26 )    6:21 pm, 20 Jul




Oh No!


It's gone :-(

meridian1 (300 )    6:27 pm, 20 Jul






to everyone battling this dreadful disease. Sonia i am so sorry your last thread has gone?? I read it every day and i think you are an outstandingly special person as are paula & joystick and everyone else who contributes. I also keep up to date with your website and those who have caringbridge ones. You all inspire me. Kindest regards Trish

trishm (34 )    6:33 pm, 20 Jul




Im 36 and had a mastectomy


in November 2004. No further treatment was required. The cancer was widespread, but only a small area had turned invasive. Clear margins after surgery meant that no further treatment was required. EARLY DETECTION!!!! I lost a breast, but fortunately beat the 'nasty' fairly easily.

meridian1 (300 )    6:37 pm, 20 Jul




Oh Sonia :-(


Any idea why the other thread was removed???? Not fair

meridian1 (300 )    6:41 pm, 20 Jul




Oh no, what happened to the other thread?


Hope it wasn't my fault putting the website addy on. To introduce myself, I'm Karina, aka Twinkies. My beautiful daughter Briyanna is 3 years old and is currently fighting hard to beat the monster. She has wilms. I also have 2 other kids, Hollie (2) and Caleb 8mths.

twinkies_pn (0)    6:59 pm, 20 Jul




Don't worry my friends :o)


The Cancer Suxs thread was a lot more than an impressive number (5338 posts approx :o). It was a thread which brought us all together, helped us all through our difficult times, gave support, made new friends, raised awareness and an appreciation for just how precious life is. This thread will take its place. Welcome everyone :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:14 pm, 20 Jul




OMG I went to cook dinner


came back and it gone. Noooooooooooooooooo.............!!! Im sure this one will be just as good. Hi everyone, wishing you all strength for the fight against the monster. Sending all warm fuzzies XXX

cole2 (367 )    7:19 pm, 20 Jul




It's quite sad. There were alot of thoughts


and feelings in that thread. I came online to have a good read to catch up on what's been happening but it's gone :o( I sure hope that it wasn't the doings of someone horrible voting it off. I'd like to think it was just spontaneous combustion hehe.

twinkies_pn (0)    7:38 pm, 20 Jul




I can't believe we have gone. Why, oh, why?


Hi, I am Diane from Hamilton, 64 years old, have a husband of 40 years, 3 daughters & 3 grandchildren. Was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year, in a routine MAMMOGRAM (thank goodness it was found early). Had the lump removed, & some lymph nodes, 25 sessions of radiotherapy & am on Arimidex for 5 years, plus bone density supplements. Got a new pre-cancerous lump last November, which was removed, & another one in May this year, which was O.K. I am a survivor. Come on back everyone, and introduce yourselves. Sword up!!!

dize5 (490 )    7:47 pm, 20 Jul




Kylie Minogue


is on 20/20 tonight at 9.30 talking about her breast cancer. I believe it is a very good interview.

dize5 (490 )    7:52 pm, 20 Jul






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roxygirl82 (-1)    7:57 pm, 20 Jul




Thanks for that dize5 ;o)


I'll be very interested to see what she says

soniat-d (153 )    7:58 pm, 20 Jul




Sword up! You better ALL have your swords up!


I guess I qualify to be in here now and will have to start taking doses of my own encouragement now! Bugger! I had better introduce myself since this is a brand-spanking new thread. I'm Luke, solo dad of 3 mini-me's, Jared is 6, Koen is 3 and Liam is 1. Koen has just been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and is currently in the process of diagnoses and will more than likely start chemo next week. So yup, that's me. Hold your swords up and fight :-)

luke_83au (2 )    8:00 pm, 20 Jul




Hi Luke :o)


Welcome welcome back :o) We're thinking of Koen constantly and wishing you all the best xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:03 pm, 20 Jul




WTF was up with that poster


roxy? Crazy. Thanks sonia, means alot. Am happy to be home. Kids are all tucked up in bed. Will be interesting to see how well koen sleeps tonight. He's in a bit of pain tonight so I'm thinking it will be a rough night.

luke_83au (2 )    8:04 pm, 20 Jul




so sorry to hear that luke...


hope all goes well for you and your boys...

4babies (2 )    8:05 pm, 20 Jul




Given the ghastlyless of the whole thing Luke


I'm just so thrilled that the surgery happened so quickly and that he recovered so well. Its amazing :o) Thanks so much for the email updates and keep us posted ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:07 pm, 20 Jul




Sorry to see the last thread gone, Sonia.


Popped in regularly to check it out. Will introduce myself. I'm Carina, 41, solo mum to two; Aaron 13yrs and Sarah 11yrs. Found a huge lump last August. Had chemo first to make it smaller before surgery. Had a mastectomy in February followed by 16 radiation treatments. Am now on Tamoxifen. Was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer in April. Had a CT scan on Friday and will have surgery within the next few weeks.

nztrader2004 (498 )    8:09 pm, 20 Jul




Well the good thing about starting over is


we can all introduce ourselves at the beginning :o) I have the first 550 posts of the original thread saved - wish I'd saved more - its great reading. Maybe after everyones introduced themselves I'll post them back in - it'll take me a while LOL

soniat-d (153 )    8:11 pm, 20 Jul




My name is Judy


I am now 46 years old. I was diagnosed 5 years 5 months ago with invasive lobular carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. April this year I found a lump quite close to where the other one had been - but this was a different type of cancer so not a recurrence. This time round I had ductal carcinoma and decided to have a mastectomy. Just can't bear the thought of it coming back yet again. No adjunct therapy. Lymph nodes clear; vital organs clear. At present having reconstructive surgery - which is slow. Maybe by the end of the year life will be back to normal a little?? I have decided to have the gene test (my daughter is 11 years old) to find out whether I have just had bad luck or do I carry the gene?? I'm having an identity crisis now! Am soul-searching trying to find what is the meaning of my life - to have gone through this TWICE now and still be here - I have a guardian angel. Makes you realise how precious everything is around you. Life is good and I appreciate it all :-))

lrosebudl (36 )    8:21 pm, 20 Jul




Hi lrosebudl


Welcome! Sorry to hear of your battle. Wishing you well - pop back anytime ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:28 pm, 20 Jul




thank you!


I read a bit of your other thread and it made me sad. Probably in a better frame of mind at present! I think it does take a bit to actually do this so am pretty proud of it now- do I want people to know??! - even strangers??! I always feel tho that there are worse off than me - maybe I am one of the lucky ones?? if you call what I have been through "lucky". But really feel now that there is a reason for me going through all this - and I need to find out what it is! I love my family, and everything around me and am thankful for each day. It HAS to be good no matter what. Keep smiling :-)

lrosebudl (36 )    8:32 pm, 20 Jul




I'm still worried about Wagonstyles


Was hoping for an update tonight after her breast ultrasound today. Are you there sweets?

soniat-d (153 )    8:34 pm, 20 Jul




Yes lrosebudl I know what you mean ;o)


I'm in the situation that no one envies - I still have 12 cancerous lumps in my mastectomy'd area and a supicious lump in my liver (oh and another on an ovary). Oh lucky lucky me!?! Certainly puts perspective on things ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:36 pm, 20 Jul




just something to think about ladies.....


early detection is the key. But please, when you have a mammogram, please insist on having an ultrasound as well. It is so important - alot of clinics do an ultrasound as a matter of course. This second lump of mine did not show up on a mammogram at all; and was 10mm. Having an ultrasound is a second opinion so to speak!

lrosebudl (36 )    8:37 pm, 20 Jul




Well said lrosebudl ;o)


I so agree with you! My lumps turn up on ultrasounds clear as anything (big black circles). I did meet one woman while I was having chemo who was saved by a mammogram though - she was having it to check out a lump (benign) but the ultrasound showed, hidden behind it, a tiny cancerous lump (only a few mm) of about the most vicious type of cancer possible. After the operation they found that 3 of her nodes were already affected from that teeny tiny lump?! If she hadn't mammogrammed... yikes! If I knew then what I know now, I would've asked whethere it showed on the ultrasound too?

soniat-d (153 )    8:47 pm, 20 Jul




hi everyone my name is Angie


i came on to the other thread about 3 weeks ago.i was told i had ovarian cancer on the 27th May. since then Ive spent 6 weeks in hosp and had Major surgery. i had tumors on the bowel,colon,stomach lining,ovaries uterus and several other places.i haven't started my chemo yet I'm still waiting for my plan. This is all so new most days I'm upbeat and positive and others i start to feel scared but don't let on. i try to stay positive for my family but God its hard.i only posted once here but read every day and drew strength from all the brave people who gathered here.

yawhwat (64 )    8:52 pm, 20 Jul




Sonia - I see that you are in Northcote....


I am in Greenhithe so we're just about neighbours! I am not working at the moment - if you need someone to do some shopping for you or anything else I could do to help you - it would be my pleasure to help. I'm sure that you have a great network of friends and possibly all the support that you need; but my offer is there if needed. Sometimes it is nice tho just to have the anonymity of a message board and the support that it gives. I find just writing is great! I might write a book!

lrosebudl (36 )    8:55 pm, 20 Jul




This sounds a bit like an AA meeting LOL!


Hi yawhwat - welcome back. Wishing you all the best - I know what you mean about keeping a brave face with friends and family - I do the same ;o) I found this thread was good for airing my feeling without worrying too much about the consequences, mainly beacause there weren't any - evryone in this thread understands and can relate. Come in and vent or say hi anytime ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:57 pm, 20 Jul




Hi All


Have just rung Trade me to find out why this thread was pulled, they are going to check it out and e-mail me, will paste it when I hear. Hugs to all.....Di

kelsall (241 )    8:58 pm, 20 Jul




Good on you Di ;o)


Thats cool of them - how awesome would it be if they could reinstate it???

soniat-d (153 )    8:59 pm, 20 Jul




Thats very sweet of you lrosebudl ;o)


I love meeting other mb'rs - if you every manage to work out how to contact me - drop me a line ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:05 pm, 20 Jul




how long did you wait


to start chemo after your surgery? All i want to do now is get on with it .

yawhwat (64 )    9:07 pm, 20 Jul




I've been reading this thread since day 1


and have posted once (the apple crumble recipe). A few weeks ago someone commented that it would be a shame if the thread disappeared so I sat and copied and pasted the entire thread in case the unthinkable happened, and now it has. I've got up to 5325 which is just short of where it stopped. If anyone wants it I could try and email it but I don't know how that would work given that it is so large.

casey15 (697 )    9:34 pm, 20 Jul




I have been following your thread


everyday so pleased a new one has started..I am following the thread as I have a friend who has breast cancer running in her family (her mother has had it and her sister) so we do talk about it and any advice I can gleam all helps...I also think you are a great bunch of people offering encouragement and support to each other as you do..Im just watching 20/20 with Kylie Minogue and her battle..

pjs3 (1303 )    9:35 pm, 20 Jul




ok im really pissed off now had a crap day


and to come and see our thread gone. My name is janine im 35 have 3 kids kirsty 10, Ryan 8, tyler 5, in 2002 Ryan was diagnosed with fanconi anemia (FA) in Nov 2005 he had a bone marrow transplant donor was Tyler.All went well and he grafted fine in March this year we found out he has managed to push his brothers marrow out, so on Monday 24th July we are starting our second transplant tyler is the donor again.

bogeyi (484 )    9:41 pm, 20 Jul




Oh casey you sweetheart!


Please keep a hold of that thread copy - I'd love a copy, we'll work out how later...

soniat-d (153 )    9:46 pm, 20 Jul




Don't worry bogeyi


We're all still here... It doesn't feel the same at the moment I know, but it will with time ;o) How are the boys now?

soniat-d (153 )    9:47 pm, 20 Jul






It was 1 day diagnosis to surgery, chemo started 5 weeks after surgery, radition about 2 months I think after last chemo treatment. I used the private system.

soniat-d (153 )    9:49 pm, 20 Jul




Oh NO,NO,NO....our big long thread has gone!!!


I have had such a brilliant day and then I come here to find this has happened. I hope they put it back on again for us and we can have two!! Sorry this has happened Sonia, you started something so wonderful for us all, but this one will be even better.

joystik (285 )    9:51 pm, 20 Jul




hey sonia so sorry i didn't post


had a looong day. Well had the ultrasound and they think its cysts but arent quite sure as its not in the breast tissue its right under the skin (could prob poke a needle in it and it wouldnt hurt lol gross though!) soooo anyway they took ages waited for 3 hours and they couldn't get there boss (surgeon) to give the clear or whatever because she was busy with someone else. So I have to go back in a few weeks...not sure why though? but so far all is ok until next time I have to go back :)

wagon_styles (219 )    9:53 pm, 20 Jul




sonia not sure if you got my txt...


Had platelets about 11am and had a mild reaction needed phenergan.Ryan finally got to theatre 2.45pm (hungry and grumpy)got a call at 4pm to go to recovery, I could hear him screaming from the corridor :(, he wasnt awake but was sitting up screaming and real angry.Went back upstairs had more platelets and had a more severe reaction, more phenergan.He came out with pic removed, hickman line inserted, NG in, IV line, and a cut in the neck where they loop the line, hes sore and miserable.Arrived 9.15am and got home just after 9pm.....On the way home I was thinking I dont know if I can do this again..:(

bogeyi (484 )    9:58 pm, 20 Jul




Glad you are all back...


...thanks sonia for starting this 2nd thread so quickly after the other one went 'poooof' reading everyones posts...big cyber hugs to you all x

1800 (276 )    10:01 pm, 20 Jul




Cheers Joystik ;o)


Well said!

soniat-d (153 )    10:06 pm, 20 Jul




Thanks Wagon Styles


Sounds good - I didn't realise they were right under the skin - thats what I always THOUGHT breast cancer felt like/where it would be which is why my own really caught me by surprise. Thats good news - just make sure they follow it up, and would be a good idea to get them cut out anyway I think? At a later date... Good luck :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:08 pm, 20 Jul




Yes I did get your text bogeyi ;o)


Thanks for that - I did post it in the first thread, OMG the thought of hearing him screaming in the corrider really affects me - oh you poor thing! Poor sweet Ryan :o( (((((((Hugs)))))))) xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    10:10 pm, 20 Jul




thanks are you feeling today


anyone know how Josh is today..

bogeyi (484 )    10:12 pm, 20 Jul




Well OK, My name is Heather, I am 44, married


to Kevin and have a daughter Lauren almost 15. I was diagnosed with Moderately invasive ductal carcinoma 2005 in my left breast in March 2006. I found the lump myself in November 2005, following a routine mammogram in July, that was apparently clear (although no one can locate the film now!!) The first GP I went to said that the lump was "nothing to worry about", despite the fact that she knew that my Mum had breast cancer twice and then died from cancer at 48! I waited until after Xmas when the usual Dr was back from Holiday and asked for her opinion. It was very clear to her that this was serious! A specialist visit followed, then Core biopsy and more mammograms, a positive diagnoses, then a bi-lateral mastectomy on May 5th 2006. This was entirely my choice, after seeing what my dear Mum went through. I am now doing the Chemo thing and have had 2 of my 6 treatments, so far with almost no side effects.

joystik (285 )    10:12 pm, 20 Jul




be careful


my thread just got removed again sorry to in terupt

isuzuhunter (3)    10:13 pm, 20 Jul




sorry to butt in


please someone save this thread, have just been in a harmless one that has just disappeared, looks like the nasties are loose again. While I am here, can't find the words to express my admiration for the way all of you are coping with your problems, and how wonderfully supportive of each other you are.

maddie44 (44 )    10:15 pm, 20 Jul




Oh Bogeyi, I'm so sorry your have had such a


terrible day. I cant imagine what that would be like for you but it would be just awful. I feel so much for you and your family and of course Ryan. The thing is no one of us ever asks for any of this, and CANCER JUST SUX!!! I hope he will be feeling much better by morning ((((HUGS)))) to you all xxxxx

joystik (285 )    10:17 pm, 20 Jul




thanks joystik


i forgot to mention he also had morphine this time..

bogeyi (484 )    10:19 pm, 20 Jul




yeah im sure they aren't sure its cysts though


they were quite hesitant. I think they should do a biopsy but they arent quite sure what to do so wanted me to wait for the boss but I had other things to do and they couldn't tell me how long she would be so they made another appt for me, so thats all cool. hope your all doing well. :)

wagon_styles (219 )    10:21 pm, 20 Jul






I can't believe its gone, thats really a shame. Well onwards and upwards, still a good thread and still very positive :)) My name is Janet and I am 43, I had cancer 15 years ago. I have 3 boys,Danny 19,Ryan 13 ,Jordan 10. Ryan was very ill with encephalitus when he was 5 and it took 5 years for him to recover. Jordan has a compilcated condition which causes severe vertigo. Danny is bring treated for depression. Apart from that my house is very noisey with 3 loud boys :))

janetmk1 (39 )    10:25 pm, 20 Jul




its so sad & unbeleaveable why do,


theses things happen,& why is it that it happens to nearly all the special ones,it so hurts my heart,thinking about you wonderful people & wee corrina,also my best friend,my rock my mum,who has second degree breast cancer ,she kicked arse the 1st time but the demons come back & now its in the bones,so sucks....i wish for you all so much healing &love ((huggs)) opps sorry about the spelling

tracey377 (635 )    10:30 pm, 20 Jul




Hi everyone, I just loved our other thread, and I


must say it really did help me through the months from diagnoses until now. I have made the most wonderful friends on here and will never forget the support of everyone on here. Special big Hugs and hello to Sonia,Bogeyi, Janet, Dize, Paula, Boop, Maewest, Landylass, Luke, and of course all the new posters too. We are fighting this MONSTER to WIN. Keep your Swords up everyone!!

joystik (285 )    10:32 pm, 20 Jul






That is so horrible.. I reallyfeel for you, I have been with Jordan in hospital screaming and being held down by 5 nurses.. I don't think I have ever cried so hard in my life.... I really hope tomorrow brings new light as today is over.

janetmk1 (39 )    10:35 pm, 20 Jul




I have just got my computer


up and running again. Couldn't believe when I couldn't get the #1 thread from 'favourites'. Good on you for starting up another one so quickly Sonia. My name is Sue..54 years young. I have two sons, 25 and 21 years. I live with my partner Paul. He has 5 children aged from 12 to 22 years. Diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year (found in a routine mammogram!). Had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. Now on Arimidex for 5 years.

maewest (79 )    10:35 pm, 20 Jul




Hi Luke


I am so glad this week is just about over for you. I always think the first week is bad because your head spins so much. I am in Tawa in wellington and very used to boys just email me if you want help in any way and I will send you my phone number.

janetmk1 (39 )    10:41 pm, 20 Jul




Ok people I'm off to bed now....hope this thread


is still here in the morning when I wake up. Hi Maewest, good to see you, ohh and you too twinkies. Lovely to see you back. I have been thinking about you and wondering whats happening with you. Hope Boop can find us all later. I will have to txt Paula and let her know too. I let 2 balloons go for Corrina this afternoon. One from our family and 1 from Paulas family. They were lovely red heart shaped ones. Take care every one, sweet dreams and sleep tight......See you all tomorrow.....

joystik (285 )    10:42 pm, 20 Jul




I have a question :)


Is it common for cancer to hide behind cysts? as i have a clump of cysts that the drs are keeping an eye on.

janetmk1 (39 )    10:44 pm, 20 Jul




Bogey what a shocker


of a day you have had. I am so sorry it was so stressful for you all. I do hope tomorrow is better. It must be just so hard as a parent to watch your child having to go through this. My thoughts are with you as always. Also to Luke..I was just so sad to read what is happening in your if you haven't been through enough. Twinkies, love to you all and your beautiful children XX

maewest (79 )    10:45 pm, 20 Jul




I'm off to bed too


Early start in the morning. I will catch up with you all again tomorrow night. Nite nite XX

maewest (79 )    10:47 pm, 20 Jul




Well I don't know about common Janet


but it can certainly happen. Cancer can pop up anywhere, if there are obstacles in the way, its harder to spot them. I think cysts can turn nasty too - maybe thets why they are watching them? My doc has a philosophy of always removing cysts "just in case". Is there a reason they can't remove yours?

soniat-d (153 )    10:47 pm, 20 Jul




well im shattered


im off to bed....nite all

bogeyi (484 )    10:50 pm, 20 Jul




Hi bogeyi ;o)


Awww you poor thing, poor Ryan ((((hugs))))) I'm on the mend now thanks - faster than doc expected - maybe the vitC is working after all? Lydia is worse - hig temp and she threw up tonight (I never did that?!) Shes supposed to be a day behind me, so hopefully tomorrows her last bad day - fingers xxx'd

soniat-d (153 )    10:51 pm, 20 Jul




Hi I am Fiona, I don't have cancer but.....


I am involved in the care of oncology patients....ok I am a nurse and I give chemo......please don't hold that against me!!!!!

feb (145 )    10:52 pm, 20 Jul




"Night bogeyi ;o)


Sorry I missed you - I was away watching the Kylie interview. She not meeting my expectations on raising awareness I have to say, but she did say some good things :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:53 pm, 20 Jul






The dr never even suggested removing them, maybe I should get a second opinion?

janetmk1 (39 )    10:53 pm, 20 Jul




janet did u goto a breast care centre


for your ultrasound? i have 2 or 3 in a clump too but i don't know whats going on or it they want to remove them or not. they werent very helpful today

wagon_styles (219 )    11:00 pm, 20 Jul




I feel like crying our lovely thread, gone


Poor bogey what a terrible ordeal for you and ryan. My heartfelt thoughts are with your family. I just don't know what to say. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))

boop2 (109 )    11:05 pm, 20 Jul




I went to


a radiology centre and they did ultrasound and neither radiologist could agree, basically nothing was clear for me either. SO I asked my dr but was more confused than ever :( She was more concerned about a lump in the other breast and was running out of time so sent me out the door with no answers

janetmk1 (39 )    11:06 pm, 20 Jul




What cancer did you have 15 years ago Janet?


Was it breast and how does it compare to where the lumps are? If there's one thing I've learned it is that cancer moves along certain pathways in the body, so now I know I have to keep an aye on my neck and liver, and don't have to worry about the new cyst on my spine (which doc will remove soon once my immune system has recovered). What I'm trying to say is, are your lumps in a risky area? Where exactly are they?

soniat-d (153 )    11:06 pm, 20 Jul




goognight all



feb (145 )    11:07 pm, 20 Jul




sonia , I thought the same as you about Kylie


but did think she was very uptight, had tears in her eyes a few times. I didn't realise what a pretty girl she is. I like her hair. Hope Lydia is better tomorrow. I just admire you more and more your words of wisdom must really help the girls on here, take care.

boop2 (109 )    11:09 pm, 20 Jul






I had cancer of the cervix.... the lumps are on the inside of my breast and they hurt.

janetmk1 (39 )    11:10 pm, 20 Jul






my heart goes out to you. I hope you all manage to get some healing sleep tonight.

dize5 (490 )    11:12 pm, 20 Jul




Hi joystick


did you enjoy your lunch with kevin? I saw that on the last thread before it disappeared. I couldn't get iceburg roses so got margaret merrill they are white also. Cost me $70.00 for the two. How are you feeling after your busy week? Please give my love to Paula and Joshi.

boop2 (109 )    11:13 pm, 20 Jul




Ok Janet ;o)


Hmm, well I think the general rule is if they hurt, its not cancer ;o) That's why I never felt my lumps myself until I could feel them with my hand if you know what I mean ;o) So I take it they're too far in for an excision? How often are they checking them, and how are they checking them?

soniat-d (153 )    11:14 pm, 20 Jul






To me they don't feel that far in,I go in 6 months for another ultrasound.But nexttimeIgo to thedrs I will ask about getting them removed.thanks Sonia

janetmk1 (39 )    11:16 pm, 20 Jul




hi maewest


sad to lose our thread. I am going to ring them. Wonder if that horrible poster from yesterday had anything to do with it. Hope you are feeling okay. Hugs to wee koen and hi to everyone else who posted tonight.

boop2 (109 )    11:17 pm, 20 Jul




my hand goes up...


my second lump hurt - i mean excruciatingly - one of the reasons why I noticed it. When do you differentiate the difference between sore breasts each month and something out of the ordinary - ho-hum?? Although my lump was near where the previous one was and possibly the scar tissue made it sore?? the core biopsy was pass-out material for me :( I really don't think that you could say non-cancerous doesn't hurt or vice-versa. I think any lump is suspect until proven otherwise! Go on instinct as well - you gotta feeling - probably is right.

lrosebudl (36 )    11:23 pm, 20 Jul




Thats true lrosebidl


Thats just what my specialist told me, but yes, it all depends on where it is and what its up against. I'm no doc!

soniat-d (153 )    11:25 pm, 20 Jul




Get them checked Janet


for peace of mind don't wait around.

boop2 (109 )    11:27 pm, 20 Jul






my heart goes out to each and every one of you who has to deal with this directly or indirectly. My thoughts and love are with all the parents who must endure the utmost in human emotion for the love of their children. It's heartbreaking to hear of so many affected. Kind thoughts and wishes to you all. May you all have a fantastic new day tomorrow :-)

lrosebudl (36 )    11:28 pm, 20 Jul






I will go back to the doctor next week. It has been bothering me as they are very very sore.

janetmk1 (39 )    11:30 pm, 20 Jul




No probs Janet ;o)


Don't mind me - I'm just a bit paranoid after it took my specialists soooo long to realise my lumps were all growing back! In my breastless site, meaning only a few cms from my skin to my chest wall 12 lumps grew back (biggest 3cm) before I felt them, even through these gurus had been feeling the area every 3 weeks!?! I figure if specialists can't feel lumps like that - whats the point of breastchecks?!

soniat-d (153 )    11:30 pm, 20 Jul




yes my faith in drs is very limited ..


especially after seeing the way they have put my kids through agony at times when they really didn't have to. I have learnt to find out for myself before accepting anything they say. Not to say all their advise is bad...just needs disecting sometimes.

janetmk1 (39 )    11:35 pm, 20 Jul






you can, and will do this again because Ryan needs you to, and you are a great mum. I can't imagaine how hard things are for you, but I have seen your strength and I know you will get through this. I think as women - as mothers - we can draw strength we never imagined we had. You are a lioness bogeyi, a strong courageous lioness!!

meridian1 (300 )    11:49 pm, 20 Jul




Hugs going out to Joshi and Paula


thinking of you xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    11:52 pm, 20 Jul






Great to hear that your Echocardiography went well. I'm glad Joshi was looking well - hopefully he will be bouncing around soon aye! You are so lucky to have met him and Paula, Casseille and Chris. How was your lunch today - it was you being taken out by hubby wasn't it? Correct me if I'm mistaken, I can't look back on the thread (dammit). xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    12:01 am, 21 Jul




Hi Maewest *waves*


Hope you have a good day tomorrow! Don't work too hard!!

meridian1 (300 )    12:04 am, 21 Jul




Hello everyone


Ny name is Lloyd ..married to Janet and have three teenage children A B and C . About three and one half years ago I was successfully treated for leukaemia (hairy cell) and felt I had been to hell and back twice during that time. I had quite wonky blood so know quite a bit about pic lines, neutropaenia, blood transfusions, platelets, worst rigors in the world, mega doses of anti biotics etc etc. I think that all the support so freely given on this thread to everyone hee fighting the battle, means that it will be an everlasting one.

farmerlloyd (24 )    12:07 am, 21 Jul






I feel for your Ryan.The story you tell of todays experiences tells me he is being asked to carry a big load of fighting. I wish you all well for the upcoming transplant. Sending you all the best wishes for it to take well this time ...

farmerlloyd (24 )    12:11 am, 21 Jul




Aw Sonia ... big hugs for Lydia


I am glad you are on the improve though. I missed half of the Kylie interview, forgot it was on. Never mind. I hope Lydia feels heaps better tomorrow, and that you are a box of birds as well. I do think your body is telling you to slow down though Sonia ;-)

meridian1 (300 )    12:15 am, 21 Jul




Will I get the hundy?


Hi farmerlloyd. Bet it is nice to have the family back! I'm off to bed now, so nite nite.

meridian1 (300 )    12:17 am, 21 Jul




Just had to say


YAY!!! First one I have ever got! (hundy that is) Love to you all (Especially you Luke and Koen - gentle hugs for a special wee boy and his awesome Daddy)

meridian1 (300 )    12:19 am, 21 Jul




aww cheers meridian.


YAY for your first hundy. I've never got a hundy or a fiddy :-( lol

luke_83au (2 )    12:24 am, 21 Jul




Aww luke


we'll let you get the next one ;o) Hope Koen is sleeping well now - hugs to you - I'm off to bed too - feeling HEAPS better tonight thanks Meridian - can't you tell? LOL Night all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:27 am, 21 Jul




Aw ...


we might have to save the next one for you Luke. I know I said I was going, but here I still am. How is little Koen? Bet Jarred and Liam are pleased to have you home.

meridian1 (300 )    12:28 am, 21 Jul




Koen's doing ok. He's only


been up once to go to the toilet. I tried to get to sleep but couldn't. TOo much running through my mind at the moment. It's the unknown. I feel like I haven't slept in days...wait...I haven't slept in days lol. I think I missed the boys more than they missed me. Jared was too interested in Koen's wounds and Liam, if shoving 6 toilet rolls down the loo is anything to go by, he's either angry that we left or doesn't give a hoot that we're back! I don't want to leave again on Monday :o( I don't think Koen will want to either.

luke_83au (2 )    12:31 am, 21 Jul




Luke ...


It must be terribly confusing for the poor wee guy, but kids are so adaptable. Your brain must be in overload right now - I cant begin to imagine. I look forward to talking with you again soon Luke, but for now I had better go to bed. I hope you can get some much needed sleep soon as well. Love to your beautiful family xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    12:40 am, 21 Jul




bumping for the morning


looks like we have a few night Boop thankyou for your kind words, I know I can do it just was a bit down yesterday. Ryan had an ok night bit restless but a better night than I though he would have....yep I slept with him last night so I could hear every breath..... Luke have been keeping an eye on Koens site, hes gorgeous and what a wonderful father you are. As much as we dont want to be in this situation it does become easier when you know the treatment and you have a routine on what needs doing. Do you go to wellington hospital???

bogeyi (484 )    6:40 am, 21 Jul






Yes thanks for your kind words, there were lots of hugs shared between us all and we are pretty much a family unit for the moment. Not many days until our eldest goes off to flat for the first time. Down to Invercargill where she is doing a degree course in Audio. She has already put a year of Uni study in, up in Dunedin last year.Bogeyi, good morning to you and hope for an easier day for all of your family today

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:01 am, 21 Jul




There are so many


people fighting their battles each and every day and sharing the experince on the MB. I just send the best wishes and cyber hugs to you all while you fight this disease and wish you well for coming through it all, safe and well.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:07 am, 21 Jul




morning farmerlloyd


ryans been up bit stiff with the cut in his neck, hes playing xbox.....naughty mummy

bogeyi (484 )    7:39 am, 21 Jul




Good morning all


well its a new day so hugs to all of you that are affected by this hideous disease.i guess for me its a case of on wards and up wards.

yawhwat (64 )    7:48 am, 21 Jul






I thought you intended going to go to bed earlier, that was your aim!!! Naughty Sonia. I have a daughter your age, so consider yourself reprimanded for not getting enough sleep, lol.

dize5 (490 )    8:03 am, 21 Jul




I know Dize5 ;o)


It was a oncer - I was feeling so much better than I had been and was so upset about the thread going... that I couldn't keep away! Oh well... but hey, have spent large parts of yesterday and the day before on the couch ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:06 am, 21 Jul




Hi Luke :o)


Sorry to hear you're having such trouble sleeping these days - totally understandable given whats going on... Although the situation is of course different, I had the same problem when I was diagnosed, and at other key times since then, same thing, couldn't turn the voice in my head off. I was given some good sleeping pills (non-addictive, not too strong, no hangover etc) and I used them for a few days, just to get some quality sleep under my belt. Is that an option for you? Hope you don't mind me suggesting this - its just its important for Koen and your other boys that you do somehow manage to get some sleep ;o) (((((hugs))))) hope things go as well as possible for you both today xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:44 am, 21 Jul




OK I'm off for my next Vit C infusion


this morning - Lydia's slightly better this morning - leaving her at Nanna's while I'm in town. Morning all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:46 am, 21 Jul




Morning all


I hope you all have a good weekend, I promised to take my youngest to mt Ruapehu to see the snow before he gets his next bout of vertigo so we are going today:))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:21 am, 21 Jul




Hi all


slow this week as I'm packing to leave on holiday for 2 weeks on sunday. Bummer about the thread going, some bored mean old TM nana no doubt. Anyway will intro myself, I'm Raewyn, 35, with hubby Jeff and Ryan (10) Kirsty(8) and Larissa (6), diagnosed with Breast cancer Christmas Eve 03 and had lumpectomy first then they went back after diagnosis to remove clear margin and 2 LN (negative). Had radiation (free trip to sydney!) and then tamoxifen. Cancer came back and was rediagnosed dec 05 and had mastectomy 5 days before christmas. Cancer has spread to lymph nodes in chest and spots in right lung. Had chemo, and last CT scan shows that tumours have reduced 10% and no new nastys anywhere else. So thats me!

sunbeamnz (73 )    9:22 am, 21 Jul




Good morning everyone, Good to see we are still


going strong with this thread. Just had a message from Paula, Josh's nuets are up to.1 this morning so they are really pleased . They have been dropping and sat at 0.0 for 2 or 3 days but are just climbing again today, so thats great news. She sends her love to you all. She is also gobsmaked that anyone would vote our other thread off........aren't we all???. Glad you are feeling better Sonia, and hopefully Lydia will be better by tomorrow too. Hope you Vit C.infusion goes to plan today too. Is it a grotty day there?? Its trying to snow here, and Paula said it is snowing at their farm, but not settling yet. Hi Luke and Koen, cant get you guys out of my head either. Hope today is a better day and things get easier as you go along. There is so much more they can do nowdays and I'm praying for a successful outcome for you all. You are such a loving , caring Dad to your little boys, (((HUGS))) to you all.

joystik (285 )    9:25 am, 21 Jul




i too went through


some trying times in the last thread lucky for me i came out with just fibrocystic cysts but the help and hugs and love i got from the thread helped me so much. hi i am lesley and i am 40, i too cannot believe some lowlife would take the thread that has helped so many people get through so much stress in their lives, sonia i didnt expect you to give up on the thread darl even though it is gone good on ya for starting this one, the people that posted in the last one will continue knowing everyones stories, you can take away the writing but not the memories of the help and support that the thread brought, hugs to all xxxx

pomegal (100 )    9:29 am, 21 Jul




Hi Bogeyi, hope you are feeling better today too.


You can do this thing but it is easy to fel somewhat defeated after a long and stressful day. It is unimaginable what you have to go through as a Mother and parent, and the same for Paula, Twinkies and Luke too. My heart goes out to you all, and every day I think of you all and send you hugs, prayers and love to give you the strength to carry on through this journey. I must say, the wee cut under my collar bone when I had my Port in was more painfil than the larger one where the thing actually sits. It all take some getting used to thats for sure. Take care and keep smiling xxxxx

joystik (285 )    9:29 am, 21 Jul




Sunbeamnz, so nice to see you again..Have been.


thinking about you and wondered what you were up too. Hope life is good for you just now as it is for me. My next chemo is next thursday hopefully. So far no real side effects so I'm wrapped!

joystik (285 )    9:35 am, 21 Jul




Hey Boop, the margaret Merrill rose is beautiful..


and has a lovely perfume where as the icebery doesnt have much at all. Good choice I think. Hope you are well and keeping warm and out of the rain. My lunch was delicious,and what a surprise treat! Kevin is like that, rather spontaneous. We both had an Open Chicken Sandwich and it was lovely and 2 wines both Sav Blanc but different, carrot cake to saher and a cappuchino. Lovely. Have a great day.

joystik (285 )    9:38 am, 21 Jul




Hi maewest, see you are off to work again? Hope


all is good in your camp too. You might have some snow today. Hi farmer lloyd, you certainly have had your fair share of Monster fighting too! Another milestone with your daughter moving to town. I'm not really looking forward to that happening for my daughter - i only have the one though,but she is only 15 yet so its a few years away. Hope all continues to go well for you and yours. Hi Dize, nice to see you too. I think we know more about each other now, since our old thread disappeared. Good to see you too meridian. My lunch date as wonderful, and such a nice surprise. My hubby is very thoughtful in that way. Hi Janet, things in you life have not been quite straightforward have they?? Apparently though, we are only given what we can handle. You think?? My love and healing wishes to you all...Takke care and keep fighting....

joystik (285 )    9:43 am, 21 Jul




Hi everyone


My name is Fiona I am 38 yrs old, I have 4 daughters aged 19, 16, 9 and 7. I have recently had a grade 3 papillary tumor removed from my bladder and are going back into surgery next week for more biopsies and then having a course of BCG which is a type of immunotherapy. I am so lucky that my treatment at the moment is all preventative to hopefully stop the monster coming back. I draw so much strengh from all you brave people, I admire you all for your strength and courage especially Luke and those of you with children suffering. I can cope being sick myself but couldn't imagine watching your child go through it. You are all amazing people!!!!!!!

fantail501 (126 )    9:45 am, 21 Jul




From an observer I cant beleive


this thread "dissapeared" what earthly harm did it do? Anyway I think Cancer Sux is more about the beautiful brave individuals who are fighting and winning against the monster more than a thread. Amongst all the drivel and dribble on here it is one of the truely worthwhile endeavours, keep it up people, the guns are firing against your foe, have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm.

solarouge (48 )    10:03 am, 21 Jul




Hi all


Firstly I have not had cancer but five years ago I found a massive lump in the back of my thigh. I had an ultrasound and was told it was nothing to worry about - a lipoma or something. Anyway it got worse and bigger until I couldn't put my thigh down when sitting down etc because of the discomfort. I went back to the doctor who sent me back for another ultrasound. Talk about scary... they immediately gave me a cat scan and I was told I'd have to see a specialist. I have private medical insurance but the first appointment I could get was in two weeks! cont....

scottygirl_1 (19 )    10:33 am, 21 Jul






Anyway, my best friend worked as a nurse and she managed to get me to see a specialist (jumped the queue). He sent me for an MRI and then urgent surgery. I was told that if it was cancer I would possibly lose my leg - at that stage I didn't care. Anyway, I did have a tumour about the size of a very large Kumera but it was benign and encapsulated so not dangerous. While I had a good outcome, believe me I felt the fear of cancer and I think everyone on this thread is amazing! I now don't take anything for granted and get all my checks done on a regular basis.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    10:33 am, 21 Jul




Hi all


I am really enjoying this new thread. I came later into the old one, so with us all re-introducing ourselves again, it is like a fresh start, but we still have our old "backgrounds" to remember. Do you know what I mean? Anyone else feel like that?

dize5 (490 )    10:39 am, 21 Jul




Morning all.


I managed to get a few hours sleep last night, I collapsed on the couch hehe. Mum's told me she'll stay tonight and help with Koen tonight as he is in alot of pain and I'm shattered. So hopefully I will manage to get some sleep, however i doubt it as it really isn't Koen keeping me awake. Thanks for the suggestion of sleeping pills, I have made an appt. with my doctor for this afternoon after seeing that post. Ta. Just a quick note, all you fighters who take your hats off to parents watching their kids go through this, thanks :o) But also hats off to you guys who battle this everyday as adults. You know every detail of whats going on and I think maybe that would make it harder? Just a thought. You guys all amaze me. Such courage. Anyway, swords up, time to face the rest of the day!

luke_83au (2 )    11:03 am, 21 Jul




Good on ya Luke ;o)


That all sounds like a great plan - yay for your Mum! If your doc does give you some, take them about an hour before you want to go to sleep - and it'll work a treat ;o) It'll be good fo you and therefore for all of you. Sorry to hear that Koen is in such pain. We're all thinking of him xxx

soniat-d (153 )    11:43 am, 21 Jul




Greetings all and welcome to the newbie posters


to the Cancer Suxs threads. Maybe this thread will end up even better than the first one - is that possible? Anyway swords up everyone and talk to you all later ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:46 am, 21 Jul




Who took our thread off !!!!!!


Hi I came back to the thread this morning to find it had disappeared and a new one started. Good on you for starting again. I have been off MB for a few weeks, just too busy. Let me introduce myself I am Helen and I have Ovarian Cancer. Had several months in remission but now have secondaries. Visiting my Onocologist Tuesday to find out next step. I admire all of you fighting this monster especially the Mum's and Dad's of the small children. Hugs to you all. Keep on fighting the fight. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    1:02 pm, 21 Jul




Hi casey15


Are you there? Yes Please! Could you please try emailing me the old thread - I miss it terribly :o/!!! Do you have my email addy?

soniat-d (153 )    1:31 pm, 21 Jul




Hi bogeyi ;o)


Hows your day going? I got a text from Paula, Ryan's count is still low - looks like he'll be there till next week...

soniat-d (153 )    3:06 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Sonia,


What happened to your previous thread? xxx

caroline1981 (27 )    3:14 pm, 21 Jul




hi Sonia you mean


had our fitting at radiation, was given our protocol Ryan has his dressing changed...was sore. In 1 day My happy, cheeky boy has gone hes sad and unhappy....I hope he perks up in the next day or so.

bogeyi (484 )    3:20 pm, 21 Jul




OMG not again LOL


Got sweet Ryan on the brain! Yes I meant Josh! Oh poor Ryan - big hugs to the man. So sorry, in the loss of the other thread I'm confused - I think you may have answered this - what was the op yesterday for? And when are they checking in next week (can't scroll back to check #sigh#)

soniat-d (153 )    3:26 pm, 21 Jul




I know Caroline - sad eh?


Bunch of stupid kids ran around yesterday voting off all the big threads arrrgh!

soniat-d (153 )    3:27 pm, 21 Jul




Are you there Joystik?


Where are all my old pals? Waaaa ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:28 pm, 21 Jul






hi, I'm in Torbay, not far from you. I know you don't know me, but if you need anything, please feel free to contact me and ask! You can get my email addy etc from my classified ad. Anyone else that I can help some way, let me know. I am so grateful for my good health, my brother died of cancer nearly 40 years ago when things weren't so advanced as they are now. Raise your swords ladies, be off scary monsters!

lisa202 (107 )    3:30 pm, 21 Jul




Im here sonia


Ryan had his hickman line put in a double lumen one, he will be hooked upto mr pole on monday and will stay hooked up for the whole time we are there, they dont get unhooked. Monday we have radiation and starts his hydration and then tues starts chemo and other drugs and Monday 31st is transplant day..

bogeyi (484 )    3:36 pm, 21 Jul




Awww thanks for that bogeyi


Now I get it ;o) What an ordeal, its basically started already hasn't it? Silly me thought you were free this week - wasn't paying good enough attention obviously?! So I'd like to buy the boys something nice for next week - what would they like? You mentioned they needed some DVD's? That'd be cool, any titles in particular? I know a surprise would've been nice, but I'd really like to make his day :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:46 pm, 21 Jul




Awww thats so sweet of you lisa


Thanks :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:46 pm, 21 Jul




hi sonia


chin up love ,it really is not good enough our thread going. I emailed and told them they had no right to do it as it gave so much support too so many people haven't heard back yet. There was so much on that thread for people too learn by. hugs to you all

boop2 (109 )    5:09 pm, 21 Jul




Thanks boop


Have to say I'm feeling incredibly depressed today about this - hoping casey emails me the thread (she saved the whole thing, the doll :o) and I can do something with it - not sure what as yet?! Oh, back to my lovelies :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:47 pm, 21 Jul




I got some sleeping pills :o)


and I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight! Yay. Bogey, got ya msg from my thread. Didn't realise that the transplant is on Monday. Will be thinking and praying for you guys. I'm not looking forward to Monday. Hopefully they'll be able to give some more info though when they get all the test results together. Does anyone want a toddler? He's driving us all batty at the moment putting things down the toilet!

luke_83au (2 )    5:48 pm, 21 Jul






Howdee from me. You are an inspiration with your comments.I like how you take the time to include all the various posters to this thread with some supportive thoughts. Thanks for your kind words. It has been Southlands turn to experience some cold winter weather today Keep warm everyone

farmerlloyd (24 )    5:49 pm, 21 Jul




Awww Luke


If only I was in Welly... love toddlers ;o) What is it with toilets eh?! So you're expecting results Monday? The waitings the worst part hun - know it all too well, as I know you do too. Fingers crossed for best results possible (((((hugs))))) And hope the pills work magic for ya ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:51 pm, 21 Jul






I have got to say good evening to you before I give up this computer to the family. Hope your day at work has not been too long. I think you put in some long hours ? A little like farming during the busy season. How has Canterbury weather been today?. It has been absolutely frigid down here where I live. Catch you all later .....

farmerlloyd (24 )    5:54 pm, 21 Jul




I'm expecting results on Monday


but I don't know when the hospitals expecting results! I'm just impatient. The waiting bites. The no-knowing bites. It all bites! I have no idea what his facination with toilets it. We got one of those toilet seat clips to stop the "habit" so to speak, but he still manages to open it and stick whatever he can find in it. Unbelievable. He also insists on having a bath EVERY night so maybe it's just a bathroom facination?!

luke_83au (2 )    6:15 pm, 21 Jul




Hey Luke ;o) You got a fiddy ;o)


Yep the waiting is insane - the mind goes wild - we've all been there at some point, to some extent, and really wish we could take it away from you. Distraction is the key - maybe that is Liam's plan LOL to distract you - is it working?!

soniat-d (153 )    6:26 pm, 21 Jul




YAY for the fiddy.


Too bad I didn't realise it was a fiddy hehe but i got it!! YAY FOR ME! Yep, I think Liam's doing a brilliant job at distracting us all.

luke_83au (2 )    6:37 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Sonia


I haven't got your email address but mine is jack-sonk at the extra place. May have to send it in chapters.

casey15 (697 )    7:02 pm, 21 Jul




Thanks Casey


Email sent :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:27 pm, 21 Jul




Gee I wish I was closer too Luke, I love little...


people too. I was caregiving for Barnardos for 4.5 years prior to moving south, and loved every minute of it. It was such a sad day when I moved - everyone was crying, Me, all the kids and all their mums! And all these years on, most of them still keep in touch, and its wonderful. Yes Luke, the waiting is about the worst part I think too. I HATED it! Once the treatment was underway, it didnt seem to be so bad. Just remember we will be here for you always....(((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    7:51 pm, 21 Jul




I see you are out Gore way Farmerlloyd???


I am in Otautau, and I think our weather here might be better than yours. Although it was showery off and on during the day, I went for a bike ride about 3pm, and managed to stay dry and reasonably warm. I think from memory we got to 12.8deg today, and no sign of any snow again. People told us when we came here, that they got snow on average once a year. This is our second winter and no snow yet. Hubby hates snow so he's not hanging out to see any. Enjoy your evening....

joystik (285 )    7:55 pm, 21 Jul




Hi everyone


Still strange coming into a shortened thread. I'm printing off all the pages to date so I can remember who is doing what!! Chemobrain...I hope not!! It is so cold here. Snow on the Port Hills and I wouldn't be at all surprised if we wake up to snow here tomorrow. Sounds worse here than where you are Farmerlloyd. You are a good girl going for a bike ride Joystik. I look at my mountain bike every day!! I hope it's not going rusty!! lol. Hey Boop, I'm so pleased you got Margaret Merrill roses. They would have to be my favourite...oh, the perfume, it's glorious.

maewest (79 )    8:08 pm, 21 Jul




I know strange allright Maewest


I'm still gutted. I looked at the stats - pretty amazing. Thread started 18 April, removed unfairly 20 July - so ran for 93 days (seemed longer than that?!). In that time approx 5331 posts (=average of 57+ posts per day). All excellent quality posts. RIP Cancer Sux thread #1. Thanks everyone for making it such an excellent thread :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:14 pm, 21 Jul




It is really odd Maewest, I agree....What time was


it voted off Sonia?? Paula was asking this morning but I had no idea, as my last post had been about 11.30am. Was it just dippy people playing the fool or what? Has anyone heard? Seems there were a few voted off yesterday. How is Lydia tonight Sonia? Hope she is feeling better, and you too. Are you back to 'full strength' now? I biked to the Medical Centre and got the nurse to take out a wee stich that had worked it way out from inside. It was catching on my clothing so I decided it was better dealt with. It was in the wee incision under my collar bone where the tube from the port enters the vein. They are really very obliging at the local Medical centre, and if I just phone with any concerns, they take me more or less straight away. Good old fashioned country service I think. They even offered to come and pick me up one day when I didnt have a vehicle. Do you get that sort of service in town?? Incidently, I didnt let them come, I walked!

joystik (285 )    8:24 pm, 21 Jul




Dont think the Mountain bike will rust unless you


have left it in the rain somewhere. I do quite enjoy going for a bike ride in the fresh cool country air. Good for you I reckon. Mine is just a cheap mountain bike fromthe warehouse, but its good as for what I want to do. I think Margaret Merrill is a far nice rose all round than Iceberg, if only for the fragrance, which is devine. Iceberg is popular and over rated and often sold with Dublin Bay because the red and crisp white look so nice together. I made a promise to myself that if I was planting roses here, they would all have to be pretty and perfumed both at the same time. So that what my 15 new roses are. A new one from last season called 'love me do' is beautiful too - pale apricot/buff colour....beautiful.

joystik (285 )    8:33 pm, 21 Jul




Oooh Joystik


It sounds lovely. I have got heaps of roses. Some are not perfumed but the colours are lovely. Another of my favourites is Mutabilis..not an amazing flower (it is open one) but all different colours on the bush. It is aways the first to flower and the last to finish. Is it chemo for you again this week? You are doing so well. Hey the printer has just finished...a lot more pages than I thought. It's almost a novel! Hehe

maewest (79 )    8:37 pm, 21 Jul




How are all the


kiddiewinks tonight? Luke I hope the pills do the trick and that you get a good night's sleep. I'm sure it will be better after Monday when you know what is going on and what you have to do. My love and thoughts to you and your beautiful family. (I hope the loo doesn't block up..then you will have a problem!!)Bogey, I hope you are feeling better tonight. Hell,what a roller coaster you are on. Poor Ryan.. I guess he has been down this path before and knows what to expect this time. How is Tyler bearing up? You are constantly in my thoughts. Big (((Hugs)))

maewest (79 )    8:42 pm, 21 Jul




Maewest, Tropical skies is another one I really


like too. Pink with yellow underside on the petals and a fab perfume too. Double Delight, Fresia, Fragrant Cloud, Deep Secret, and lots of others I cant think of just now. Yes, I have Oncology clinic on tuesday, and Chemo thursday if the bloods are ok. That will be 3 down and 3 to go....

joystik (285 )    8:48 pm, 21 Jul




The tims is going


so quickly Joystik. I can't believe you are almost halfway there. I'm sure I dont remember the time going this fast while I was going through it! You wig is just gorgeous...stunning colour and a great style. I will have to hit the hay fairly soon. Another early start tomorrow. It's so hard getting out of bed early when it is this cold!

maewest (79 )    8:54 pm, 21 Jul




Bogeyi, I have had you guys stuck in my head all


day, and I'm wondering how you all are?? Hope you happy boy is happy again tonight. You have got a few rather busy weeks ahead now havent you? We will be here for you and thinking of you all the time. Will have to get your mobile number for updates cos I dont suppose you will be able to post....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    8:56 pm, 21 Jul




Awww... thanks Maewest. I do quite like it too


actually and its quite nice to wear. I just washed it tonight in the basin and it looked like a wet cat lying in the water!! Hard to believe it will all spring back like new when its dry?? Oh the marvels of modern technology. Made in Japan! You have a good sleep and a great day tomorrow. I don't really do mornings very well, but I always get up first here and get things moving and order everyone else around....ha ha ha Take care...

joystik (285 )    8:59 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Luke...


Could be a water fascination. I know a lot of 1-2 year old boys who absolutely LOVE water. My own son was like that when he was that age. At playcentre, if there was no waterplay available he would always head straight for the loos - smart kid knew there was always water there!! I hope you have a great sleep tonight - you probably really need it! Sleeping pills should help with that. Hope Koen's war wounds didn't cause him too much pain today, and I hope he sleeps well to! Love to you all

meridian1 (300 )    8:59 pm, 21 Jul






Hi Sonia, joystick, maewest, farmerlloyd and all you others out there. Hope you are all well and full of positive energy tonight. Man, it is sooooooo cold here (HB). Big hugs all round!

meridian1 (300 )    9:05 pm, 21 Jul




Meridian, yes my daughter wasalways a bit of a....


water fan too. Even now, if theres a swimming pool she will be first in and last out every time. Always loved puddling in it tipping from one container to another for hours on end. At the beach digging those holes and running up and down the beach with a bucket filling the endless hole!! Enjoy the rest of your evening Meridian...

joystik (285 )    9:06 pm, 21 Jul




I'm trying to catch up on the never ending stream


of letters from people. I like to try and reply to everyone personally from time to time, but it seems to get away on me and I find I have 10 to do at once.. I send out the same one to everyone about once a month, but like to do a few personal ones too..

joystik (285 )    9:10 pm, 21 Jul




Hi also


to Paula and Joshi, Bogeyi and Ryan. I'm not sure what to say, but I am thinking of you all xxxxxxx

meridian1 (300 )    9:10 pm, 21 Jul




Thanks Joystick


I absolutely love the childcare work as well - how were barnardos to work for?? I have just started the Level 3 National Certificate in Early Childhood Education. It is mostly stuff I already know from my Playcentre days, but have no certificates to prove it LOL

meridian1 (300 )    9:21 pm, 21 Jul




I found Barnardos very good to work for Meridian..


and had a great relationship with the co-ordinators. I did find in the end that there was an awful lot of paper work and all those books and records that you have to keep for each child. I always obliged and did exactly what was asked, where as the ones that tried to get away with not sicking to the rules, found that they were very much dis-advantaged when it came to geting placements. The rules and regulations are there for your own safety and benefit. It was all tax free when I was doing it and you got $3.60 per child per hour up to $500 per week max. Its all different now.

joystik (285 )    9:33 pm, 21 Jul




Its very quiet in here tonight isnt it?? Everyone


must be busy or gone to bed early.

joystik (285 )    9:39 pm, 21 Jul




I'm still about


I hate going to bed early!! Hi Meridian.*waves* to you too. I always fancied working in the early childhood area but ended up in the taxi business!! Hmmm don't know how that happened!!!lol

maewest (79 )    9:39 pm, 21 Jul




It is quiet Joystik


It must have been an interesting life working for Barnardos. Back to roses....Speks Centennial and Liverpool Echo...the list just goes on and on! Nearly pruning time. On with the protective sleeve!!

maewest (79 )    9:41 pm, 21 Jul




Hi all you beautiful people


IM Back, but just for a moment, got to unpack and then pack again. Wish I could read all and catch up but I will when we get home next time. Josh is still in hospital, his dad is staying with him tonight. He is looking very tired tonight and they have just started him on a new antibiotic, so we shall see. His blood counts are still way low so he is not leaving the hospital in a hurry. Luke I am thinking about you. I am thinking about all of you, Joystik, Bogey and Sonia have been passing on messages to me too. Take care and love and hugs from Josh and me too to all of you xoxoxoxxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:45 pm, 21 Jul




You would be great too...its a job for special....


people and you are clearly one of those, like Meridian...I could honestly say it was the most rewarding job I ever had. Yes, roses, I looked out the window at mine and thought I should start and cut them down soon. Have to get a sleeve. At the garden centre is that where you get them??

joystik (285 )    9:46 pm, 21 Jul






yes we farm only a few kms out of Gore and I retract what I said about our weather here today after seeing some snippets on tv news. Inches of snow in Queenstown, Dunedin dangerously slippery again and shocking wintery blast around Christchurch. I feel sorry for Maewest doing the early start tomorrow .

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:49 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Paula


It is so good to hear from you again. I have been wondering how things were going with you and Josh. I read that he is still enjoying playing his XBox. Let's hope the counts go up soon and you can all get back home. How are you bearing up? Love and (((Hugs))) XXX

maewest (79 )    9:53 pm, 21 Jul




Hello Paula, good to see you back....we have


missed you on here. Hope they have got Josh on the 'top shelf' antibiotics now. He deservesthe best. Were the other ones not really doing much?? His neutraphils are taking ages to come up arent they. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow. I am in on tuesday so will squeeze a visit in if I can. Did I say we missed you??? Well we did.... Have a good sleep in you own bed tonight wont you. I'm sure that chair at Kew isn't very conducive to good sleeps! (((HUGS))) to you and Cassielle

joystik (285 )    9:53 pm, 21 Jul




Haha Farmerlloyd


I feel sorry for me too!!! Just got my porridge organised to have at work (what did we do without microwaves!! Don't leave enough time for breakfast before I leave! Joystik, I think most garden centres sell the sleeves. Get the one without the attached glove then you can tuck your own thick rose proof gloves into it.

maewest (79 )    9:56 pm, 21 Jul






Yea I am ready to go and find my yes my pillow. YIPPPEEEE... Oh and I missed you all too. Love to you all, no Sonia tonight or Bogey???? Hope alls well. xoxoxoxox Joystik, Tuesday its a date. xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:00 pm, 21 Jul




Hi joystick and maewest


I am so glad I chose that rose do you know I never even thought about the perfume just how they would look, a rose is really nothing without it's perfume. I had one at my old house (climber) called bluff beauty and it was gorgeous, apricot colour and smelt like cinnamon and spice. I loved that one. Maewest my family in CHCH say it is absolutely freezing I think they have the fire and heaters going it is so cold. You wrap up warm in the morning. Joystick no rain here it has been lovely had to water my plants I put in yesterday as they were wilting. Love to you both

boop2 (109 )    10:04 pm, 21 Jul




Nitey nite


Paula. My pillow is starting to look pretty good too. You have a lovely sleep. XXXXX

maewest (79 )    10:04 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Paula


thinking of you and Joshi .God bless.

boop2 (109 )    10:06 pm, 21 Jul




Hiya Bettyboop


Fancy having to water the plants. We are waterlogged here! I have the woodburner going, our little chippie fire (that heats the water) and a heater!!!Roll on summer!! Your new roses will be won't be disappointed. Have you got much planned for the weekend?

maewest (79 )    10:07 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Luke


First time I have talked too you but praying for you and your wee koen. I too think the water is the attraction in the toilet, little boys love it. I had three sons like you I think boys are just great. Have a good sleep tonight and hopefully monday will bring good news.Take care.

boop2 (109 )    10:10 pm, 21 Jul




Yes Boop, Buff beauty is beautiful too....


thanks Maewest for the helpfull tip about the gardening sleeve. I have seen the ones with the glove attached, and thought that would be stupid if the glove wore out. I'm off to bed so I will say nite nite and see you all tomorrow. Hugs and kisses to all the little people, ohhh ok and the bigger people too...Have a good sleep everyone......

joystik (285 )    10:11 pm, 21 Jul




Hi joystik


I got my special gardening glove from the physiotherapist, after my surgery, and the special pressure sleeve for flying in planes. They both cost a small fortune. Never thought about getting the gardening glove at a garden centre. I was told later that the Cancer Society sells the pressure sleeve, in some centres. Would be worth checking out. Where is Sonia tonight? Sleep well everyone.

dize5 (490 )    10:14 pm, 21 Jul




Hi joystik


I got my special gardening glove from the physiotherapist, after my surgery, and the special pressure sleeve for flying in planes. They both cost a small fortune. Never thought about getting the gardening glove at a garden centre. I was told later that the Cancer Society sells the pressure sleeve, in some centres. Would be worth checking out. Where is Sonia tonight? Sleep well everyone.

dize5 (490 )    10:16 pm, 21 Jul




hi maewest


Tomorrow hope to get my bedded irises planted just love them. Sunday I have to go out country to do payouts for op shop we pay out the last Thursday in the month so that means we have to work out how much people get for their goods that we have sold for them. We sell on behalf and keep 20% for shop. We get lots of donations of things as well. I love nothing better than going to CH CH garage saleing. I come home clean it or what needs doing and put it in the shop as long as we get our petrol money back we are happy. Keep warm have you got a good book?

boop2 (109 )    10:16 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Dize


Been pretty quite on here tonight. I believe the Cancer Society in Chch will make the sleeves for you or hire them out. I think the gardening sleeve cost about $15. The one from the physio is probably a better quality. You still have to watch the thorns even with the sleeve on.

maewest (79 )    10:17 pm, 21 Jul




Re. 151 & 152


Pardon my ignorance, what is a fiddy?

dize5 (490 )    10:18 pm, 21 Jul




Boop I have been


reading the Lance Armstrong books. I'm on the 2nd one now. Inspirational read. Got a stack of books here to read but by the time I get to bed I'm too tired! Yes, irises are lovely. I haven't got any of those in. It must be such fun working for the op shop.

maewest (79 )    10:20 pm, 21 Jul




LOL Dize


50...get it...fiddy!!!

maewest (79 )    10:21 pm, 21 Jul




I meant buff beauty joystick


How is Lauren does she play sport? I am so looking forward to the Ferns tomorrow night they are straight after the rugby. I hope those Boks get another thrashing.I will post a photo of my new gardens tomorrow they look quite nice. Night joystick

boop2 (109 )    10:21 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Maewest


My gardening sleeve from the physio was $28 and my pressure sleeve was about $150, but it is in 2 pieces, the sleeve is separate from the glove, so I can take the glove off in the plane to eat, or wash my hands, so that is a blessing. I sort of got pressured into buying these, as the surgeon arranged for the physio to see me in hospital (private) the morning after the op. and then she said to come to her rooms, and she gave (well, sold) me the gloves, and gave me exercises. I was still in a numb state from the whole "monster" thing, and just went with the flow.

dize5 (490 )    10:23 pm, 21 Jul




Hi Sonia


Hope you are not too sad we will soon build this one up but I can imagine how you feel it was a big part of you. How is wee Lydia tonight? Have a good rest it does help.

boop2 (109 )    10:25 pm, 21 Jul






fiddy - 50. Blushes with embarrassement - how obvious.

dize5 (490 )    10:25 pm, 21 Jul




We will forgive you dize


I used to wonder myself.

boop2 (109 )    10:26 pm, 21 Jul




Hey Dize


I bet you know what a hundy is now!! Well done! Boy, they got you when you were down. That was a bit unfair! I really must get to bed. Might watch a bit of "Mile High'...a really crass program but it makes me laugh! Nitey nite Boop, Dize, Joystik and everyone. Talk again tomorrow XXX

maewest (79 )    10:27 pm, 21 Jul







boop2 (109 )    10:28 pm, 21 Jul




Hi bogey and ryan


thinking of you all tonight. big hugs to you , ryan and Tyler and of course Kirsty and her dad.

boop2 (109 )    10:29 pm, 21 Jul






I DID get a hundy (I knew what that was!!!) but I accidentally printed one of my letters twice, so that is one way of getting the numbers up, lol.

dize5 (490 )    10:57 pm, 21 Jul




hello im here....had the family over for dinner


it was a fun night. Joystik will be updating his website every night and will be on the board..i have a mobile laptop that was one thing i had to have when we had the first transplant..

bogeyi (484 )    11:04 pm, 21 Jul




Hi all


Brent wouldn't let me come to my pc - made me watch the 40 year old virgin with him - what a looooong movie! Yawn! I still have funny throat and cough so off to bed ;o) Night all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    11:22 pm, 21 Jul




I was never a 40 year old virgin


sonia sounds kind of boring

boop2 (109 )    11:32 pm, 21 Jul




Hi bogeyi


How long does the actual transplant take? Have a good sleep.

boop2 (109 )    11:45 pm, 21 Jul




LOL I've been avoiding seeing that movie for ages


Now I know why!

soniat-d (153 )    8:01 am, 22 Jul




morning all


Boop they have said allow 8 weeks...last time we were in for 1 month 2 days..

bogeyi (484 )    8:03 am, 22 Jul




OH wow - really bogeyi?


I had no idea! And is he an in patient that whole time??? How about Tyler? How long is he in for?

soniat-d (153 )    8:29 am, 22 Jul




yep ryan wont leave that room until we go home


unless hes needs medical treatment which that ward cant provide, and I hope that dosent happen as that would be critical. Tyler stayed the night last time but they like to send them home that day if all is ok.. Glad its nice and suuny here today I have heaps of washing to do, his blankets etc to take in, when in the bone marrow unit everything like this is better to wash and everything that comes in (toys etc) must be in new packaging, his food is single serving not allowed to have food that has been opened next day etc.Open something and can have it that day but not the next..etc

bogeyi (484 )    8:49 am, 22 Jul




Morning everyone


The sun has come out here in Christchurch. It's still cold though. Going to take the kids for a walk shortly. Hope everyone has a good day.

nztrader2004 (498 )    9:32 am, 22 Jul




Morning everyone


Im off to the hospital to have a special day with my family. Bogeyi Hi, been thinking of you heaps. Hi Sonia, hope your throat is ok. Joystik, morning thanks for your text. Boop, Maewest, Landylass, Meridian,All of you, thinking of you and wishing you all the lovliest day. Thanks for all your support and loving messages. Means so much xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:50 am, 22 Jul






You are so much in my thoughts. Loving vibes to you.

dize5 (490 )    10:45 am, 22 Jul




Hi all beaut day in Auckland


Took Em for her very first swimming lesson this morning :o) I'm back to sick as again today - bit worried about that - think I'll have to take that blood test today after all. Back to lying down for me now...

soniat-d (153 )    12:48 pm, 22 Jul






Your body is telling you to slow down. Rest, rest and more rest. It is only a couple of days since you had that awful virus, and you are away on your hectic life again. Listen to mumma Dize!!!

dize5 (490 )    3:11 pm, 22 Jul




hi guys can i have joshs website again


got new laptop and cant find addy on my old one?

bogeyi (484 )    3:17 pm, 22 Jul




Here he is ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:56 pm, 22 Jul




Yes Dize ;o)


I went to the swimming cos I thought the warm wet air would be good, which it was ;o) Rest of day lying down... ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:57 pm, 22 Jul




Hi everyone, Well what time is this for me to be


adding my very first post of the day aye?? Everyone else has been and gone and me, well I just arriving up. I have had a busy morning buzzing round doing stuff, trying to make sure I PASS my Test on tuesday. Just a few thing you have to have right like date etc, and special clauses and conditions etc. I only want to do this the once and then beable to get a job somewhere. I'm so looking forward to being able to help people find their dream home.

joystik (285 )    4:09 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Sonia, I wish you were feeling better today.


We missed you last night in here. It was very quiet until late by the looks of things. Howdid wee Em go with her swimming lesson? They are so funny sometimes arent they. Lauren went to swimming lessons for a while at primary school. She has a very strong arm action, and seems to zoom thru the water with very slow arm strokes. Sounds like your movie last night was pretty boring! Dont you just hate that?? I hope you are away resting now, and not doing housework and other stuff. Take care and keep smiling...(((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    4:12 pm, 22 Jul






Sorry you are not feeling well.. hope you will feel better soon :(

scottygirl_1 (19 )    4:17 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Bogeyi, I am so pleased to read that we will


be able to keep in touch with you and like wise while you are in hospital with Ryan. I just missed that contact with all my good friends so much when I was in Kew, and I was only there 3 days, not a month or more. It could potentially be quite a wee while couldnt it. Of course we all hope and pray that it will be uneventfull and he will be up and running in no time flat. So from Monday, you will be in the hospital until he is ready to come home?? They don't keep Tyler very long do they. I thought he would be there a few days too but I suppose the sooner he's able to go the better. Thanks for giving all the information, its all very interesting and gives us a much better understanding of the proceedures, and what you are all going through. Hugs to you all..

joystik (285 )    4:18 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Boop, you were up very late last night weren't


you?? I was so tired when I went to bed that I just crashed and woke at 8.10 this morning! Good effort aye?? I have to confess I am a very good sleeper, and I rely so much on a reliable alarm clock, and my memory to make sure its set, or I wouldnt wake up in time to get Lauren off to school in the morning. It usually starts the radio at 6.45am, and sometimes I sleep through that too and wake up at 7.10am!! See, - good sleeper aye. I don't hear the phone ringing in the night after I have been asleep a while. But wake up instantly the towns Fire siren goes. Hope you enjoy your drive in the country side today, or was that tomorrow. Still a bit showery here today, but hey thats ok, I'm inside and dont have to go out. Take care...

joystik (285 )    4:23 pm, 22 Jul




Maewest, you didn't have an early night either did


you? Did you get to work in time this morning? Thanks for all the gen about the gardening sleeve. I might ask the cancer society when I ring about getting a prosthesis made next week. Next week is getting busier by the day. I did see the sleeves in Mitre 10 Mega, but they were the ones with the grove attached. I dont want to get scratched and prickled thats for sure. I did stab my self with a peeling knife one night, using it for another purpose, for which it was not designed, and it healed up really well and quickly, which surprised me. I was expecting it to require out side intervention. Hope your day hasn't been too stressful anyway...

joystik (285 )    4:29 pm, 22 Jul




Hope you are having a lovely day Paula, with your


family. I've been thinking of you all today, and hope you too 'Teddy' in with you too. Hope Josh is feeling much better today and the new sort of antibiotics will do the trick for him. The day hasn't been the best, so at least its lovely and warm where he has to be at the moment. Keep smiling....(((((HUGS))))) to you all xxxx

joystik (285 )    4:33 pm, 22 Jul




Hi dize, good on you for getting the hundy......


quite exciting isn't it, and of course another milestone for our new thread. Has any one heard from Trade me about the old thread?? I think Boop contact them. Hope you have had a pleasant day Dize and kept yourself out of the grotty weather. I think a better day is in store for tomorrow..the sun is just brilliant here now...Take care...

joystik (285 )    4:36 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Luke and Koen, hope you all had plenty of


sleep in your house last night. Nice for you to have your Mum to help out with the little boys. In a lot of ways Luke, you will be looking forward to Monday so you can get some more answers and get the treatment started. My take on the whole thing for me was, 'the sooner its started, the sooner its finished', and that will apply to you too. The Oncologist offered me 2 weeks to go over the treatment and decide whether I wanted to proceed, but I didn't need 2 weeks to extend my life by 30+ years! I knew instantly what I wanted. I'll be thinking of you constantly and praying for the best for your wee Koen....((HUGS))) for you all, and Mum too.....

joystik (285 )    4:41 pm, 22 Jul




Hi meridian, farmerllyod, casey, nztrader and


scottygirl, lovely to see you all posting in here. Might have been last night, I went to bed early and left some of you chatting. Hope today has treated you all well. Anyone get any snow?? We didn't get any here in Otautau. Lots in Queenstown though and thats only 2 hours away. It seems to be very selective where it drops, thankfully!! Showery off and on today, and looking better for tomorrow. Better get some dinner on but just wanted to say HI to you all....take care and keep smiling.....

joystik (285 )    4:47 pm, 22 Jul




Hi joystick and landylass


Did you hear the weather forecast this morning the whole of the country has been hit by an icy blast except for the south Islands Westcoast and that is right I almost feel guilty about our great weather.I was up late last night just seem to sit and sit. Don't go to bed early tonight remember the rugby and netball. COME ON THE FERNS. Sounds like you have a busy week coming up I haven't heard from Sheri for a while I bet she doesn't want to go back to Ch Ch Catch you later.

boop2 (109 )    5:13 pm, 22 Jul




I don,t know where the landylass came from must


have pressed the wrong button. i haven't heard from trade me if I don't here from them tomorrow I will ring them.

boop2 (109 )    5:16 pm, 22 Jul






Well, I got to the hospital this morning and the dr's had decided (I think the nurses said something) that it would be nice for Josh to come home today for the weekend to spend my birthday with me. So that was the best present anyone could have given me. If he gets worse or spikes a temp its off we go back. Otherwise back on Monday. Love to you all.

paulaxx (78 )    5:19 pm, 22 Jul




Just got home


so I have heaps to do but had to quickly get on here and say Hi, Sonia - I hope you are feeling better soon. Bogeyi - you are always in my thoughts. Ok better go for now love to everyone else too xoxoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:21 pm, 22 Jul




Hi sonia


that is no good I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. It is hard to slow down but I think you are going to have to till you get a bit more strength back. I took my boys to swimming lessons when they were wee, Dean was fine but Mike was hopeless right up till the the last lessn he only got wet up to his nose we ended up buying a para pool and he came ahead in leaps and bounds with that.I was going to say watch the netball and relax but I don't think that is possible. (((Hugs)))

boop2 (109 )    5:21 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Bogey


That is along time .Will be thinking of your family through the next few days . God bless and take care.

boop2 (109 )    5:23 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Paula


that is lovely when is your birthday? Can you here me singing too you? Enjoy your time at home Love Boop

boop2 (109 )    5:25 pm, 22 Jul




hi luke


Hope you had a good sleep last night and your toilet is not blocked today! Hurry up Monday for your sake. Hugs to all the wee boys.

boop2 (109 )    5:27 pm, 22 Jul




hi maewest


Did you get up in time this morning? D I L tells me the sun was shining there although the rugby was cancelled. Hope you had agreat day catch you later.

boop2 (109 )    5:31 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Boop


Today - thanks for the song xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    5:34 pm, 22 Jul




Happy Birthday Paula


Tra la la. Hope you are having a lovely day. How neat that Josh is allowed home for the weekend. Have a lovely night together. (((HUGS))). Yes it has been a beautiful day here. Went for a walk when I got in from work...yes I did get there on time, though it took my brain a while to catch up!! Hi Joystik, Boop, Sonia. Bogey, Dize, Meridian,Luke, Farmerlloyd, Janetmk1...and everyone else I have missed. I have a queue waiting to use the computer..Paul's girls are staying tonight. Will try and pop in later on XXXXXX

maewest (79 )    5:52 pm, 22 Jul






Thanks Maewest, would have loved to meet you but hey not meant to be YET! Thanks for your loving wishes. Just took a photo of the two kids - Josh (looking not well at all, guess hes just very tired) in bed and Cass in her sleeping bag on his trundler bed beside him, they are both colouring in. So nice to see them back together like that. Chris is in the kitchen making me mussels in garlic and white wine sauce, and prawns. Spoilt eh? Have a lovely evening xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    6:17 pm, 22 Jul






well we have just finished dinner, we had a dinner with a difference it was all sweets, we had pancakes and ice-cream, chocolate mud cake, marshmallows, twix bars, cream, fizzy drink.......this was at Ryans request lol

bogeyi (484 )    7:06 pm, 22 Jul




Happy birthday Paula!!!!!


I'm just on here for a minute, but wanted to wish you a very, very happy birthday. So nice to have your 2 babies snuggled up together. Hi everyone else - hope everyone has a great night. Get well soon Sonia. Luke ... hope you slept well - hugs for Koen. Sounds like a very interesting dinner Bogeyi - kids eh ;-). Joystick, you sound so well - way to go girlfriend!! Farmerlloyd, I hope you had a great day. Maewest - how was work??? Didn't work too hard I hope. You are such a honey. Have a great night everyone.

meridian1 (300 )    7:33 pm, 22 Jul






Thanks for the lovely email - you're most welcome - glad they liked :o) Enjoy your yummy dinner (oh for a hubby that cooks!) Have a great evening :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:39 pm, 22 Jul




Hi all


My voice is a bit more normal this evening finally - will continue to take it easy for a while ;o) I have been busy rebuilding the old thread (yes, it can be done, we have the power, we have the technology ;o) And thanks to casey15 we have all the content. Will take a while - its rebuilt to post 1020 at present ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:42 pm, 22 Jul




Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you.....


Happy birthday dear friend Paula,.....happy birthday to you. Hope you have had a lovely day with your family and have a lovely dinner tonight. Good on Chris for doing the honours and cooking for you. Must be lovely to all be at home together again...its been a while since. Take care and have a lovely evening....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    7:44 pm, 22 Jul




Sonia, did you really get the whole thread back???


Thats really amazing. Can Trade me re-install it for you to save you the trouble?? Glad you are feeling a little better today. Keep up the rest wont you - you dont want to slip backwards with it again.

joystik (285 )    7:46 pm, 22 Jul




Yummy tea Bogeyi!! Wait til I tell Lauren. That


would be the ultimate dinner treat for her. We had the usual pizza and chips - good easy saturday nights tea. Hows Ryan today? Hope he's feeling much better. So is he able to eat normally until he goes into the hospital? Give him lots of treats and tell him I said he could have them!! What his favourite lollies??

joystik (285 )    7:49 pm, 22 Jul




Its not that bad to rebuild Joystik


I'm up to 1500 now ;o) Just cutting and pasting 100 at a time and a tad of formatting. TM said no way, no matter how much I pleaded so thank heavens for casey :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:03 pm, 22 Jul




Bogey, Meridian, Joystik, Sonia


Thanks so much. You guys mean the world to me, felt like I have been away for ever! Sonia - thank you so much! Glad you got the email. Hope you are feeling better. Bogeyi that dinner sounds yummo!!!! This is a very special birthday - in more ways than one. Thanks!!!! xo

paulaxx (78 )    8:05 pm, 22 Jul






You are amazing! Wow, what a job. Wish I could help! xo

paulaxx (78 )    8:06 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Paula


Happy Birthday wishea to you on this special day for you. I have been thinking of you and all of your family while you ride this rough patch with your Josh. Hopefully, better days will come for him soon.

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:30 pm, 22 Jul




and to


Joystik, Maewest meridian Bogeyi Sonia and all the other posters here.I want to say a quick Hi before leaving to watch some sport on the tv.It has been a cold wintery day for much of the country today. the sheep and cattle I look after were all needing extra rations today, just to keep the 'fire' inside their tummy's stoked up well. Maewest hope your workday was not too long .

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:37 pm, 22 Jul




Hope you enjoy the Rugby farmer lloyd.....


we will watch the delayed coverage at 9.10 on Prime. We have sky but not the sport channels. We have had cold showers here too, but lovely sunny spells in between. I feel so sorry for the cows and sheep standing in all that mud and slush in the cold and rain. But they seem to get by ok. Enjoy your evening...see you tomorrow...

joystik (285 )    8:42 pm, 22 Jul






That is absolutely AWESOME that you can re-build the thread. Is there any way we can stop the b******s (naughty people) who voted if off, from doing it again? It is precious to us, and I am sure to a lot of other people too.

dize5 (490 )    8:43 pm, 22 Jul




Sonia, I am a bit lost with what you are doing....


I couldn't even offer to help. I'm not up with anything technical to do with this computer. Sometimes I ask Lauren cos she knows more than me!! Are you going to put it back on here when its done?? Did Trade Me say they wouldn't put it back on for us?? Did they have a good reason??? Make sure you have an early night wont you.....

joystik (285 )    8:45 pm, 22 Jul




thanks Joystik


we have the delayed coverage in our house also But am such a keen netball fan that I may miss a bit of footy to watch that. It just depends which grabs my attention the most

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:45 pm, 22 Jul




Hello Karen Here


Hows things guys,Goodness me its been along time since i have been on here.So sad that the other thread ran out it was so great.Cam and Jesse are doing well back at school and Cam has been bullied due to his beliefs.Oh well take care.Luv ya all.Kaz

globalandworlds (4)    8:51 pm, 22 Jul




The @#$#@! at TM said


"It was voted off by the community so we can't reinstate it" (as it means the community doesn't want it!?) Yeah right I explained and pleaded but... Nah what I'm doing it is copying it from Casey's word docs into Frontpage docs, and I'll have it off my webpage - so itll be there forever :o) No sods can delete it now hee hee hee

soniat-d (153 )    8:52 pm, 22 Jul




I'm up to...


2299 ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:52 pm, 22 Jul




Haven't read all the posts but does this include


males??? Two years ago my hubbie had testicular cancer and had surgery and radiotherapy. He has had tests for it 6 monthly since then and now his levels have gone up again. Oh no not again I am thinking. Ultrasound next week. Nothing showed on the CAT scan. It's like it never ends. You are always wondering where it is lurking.

ekkles (26 )    8:55 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Sonia


There must be a queue in your inbox - I've sent up to 3799. I'll send a few more tonight and hopefully get the rest to you in the morning.

casey15 (697 )    8:59 pm, 22 Jul




You're a doll casey :o)


THREE CHEERS FOR CASEY!!! Yep they're all there ;o) I'm coping them over as fast as I can ;o) Looks good!

soniat-d (153 )    9:07 pm, 22 Jul




Awww ekkles


Thats no good hun - hey I'm sure there's still lots that can be done. Chemo may be next I suspect? What did they say?

soniat-d (153 )    9:08 pm, 22 Jul




hi, i don't have cancer that i know of!!!!!


but i have been reading your messages in the background, sorry to hear the large thread got voted off - sonia whats your web page so i can read the rest of it? My grandmother died back in 1989 of breast cancer, she was always a worrier and when she found out she went downhill fast - worry and stress don't help this monster. I myself would like to be tested because my nana had BC - can anyone tell me if theres an age limit to being tested, i thought there was (has that changed) even if its run in the family, my mother gets regular tests but me and my 2 sisters don't? Also i have an extremely real real fear of sickness, needles and the sight of blood but i have to say all your positive attitudes and caring etc have been helping me deal with this too - so thankyou all Hello to everyone and keep this thread going strong

cheekyone (8 )    9:10 pm, 22 Jul






Casey - thank you for doing this not only for Sonia but for all of us. I was in hospital with Josh when I heard it had been voted off and I was disappointed to say the least. This thread has become a place for comfort, companionship, laughter, tears, everlasting friendship and most of all support. So a huge thank you and massive hugs to you!!!!!

paulaxx (78 )    9:23 pm, 22 Jul






Thanks so much neighbour! It means a lot to know so many care!!!! Love and hugs

paulaxx (78 )    9:24 pm, 22 Jul




THx will tell you when I know


It's the waiting that gets to you. Waiting for tests, waiting for results, waiting for treatment, waiting in hospitals, waiting for more tests, waiting for signs of clearance scared it is still there lurking.

ekkles (26 )    9:35 pm, 22 Jul




Here's a taster ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:37 pm, 22 Jul






am off to bed but before I go... thank you to you lovely people who have put messages on Josh's guestbook. You are so special to us!!!!! Sleep tight and sweet dreams. Nanite xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:46 pm, 22 Jul




Been to the old message board


So cool Sonia just popped in between the rugby and the netball. Wonderful what you have done with the first thread. Great to see. Hugs to you and yours. Going to watch netball we have won the rugby now the netball. OOphs you are Australian aren't you. Never mind. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    9:47 pm, 22 Jul




Can a few people pop into my above link


@ #271 and tell me if it opens up OK isn't too slow etc. I'm doing 500 posts per page, want to check thats not too OTT size-wise. Thanks :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:53 pm, 22 Jul




Hi Sonia


Yep, all systems are go!!!!! Loads up really quickly. Hope the girls are well. Have a great weekend. Sending warm fuzzies as usual, XXX

cole2 (367 )    10:51 pm, 22 Jul




Like you joystik


I am not up with all the latest technology on my computer, I have to get my youngest daughter to show me how to do things. I used to use a computer at work before I retired, but that was just for letters, quotes and accounts, and I wasn't on the internet. I am in awe of what Sonia and Casey are doing, thank goodness for those two being able to get the whole thread back. I am enjoying the netball, even though I am an Aussie, I have been here for 41 years and cheer for the Silver Ferns.

dize5 (490 )    11:24 pm, 22 Jul




Morning everyone :o)


I'm on the mend thank goodness, still gonna take it easy tho

soniat-d (153 )    9:20 am, 23 Jul




Good morning everyone, just calling in to say a...


quick hello before I goout for the day. I always seem to be out don't I. Pleased to hear you are better today Sonia. Hi Paula and Josh. Hope all is well at your house too and Josh is a bit better too. Stay in and keep warm. Hi Farmer lloyd, good results in the rugby and netball last night.Thanks casey for saving that thread. You ROCK. Hi Luke, hope all is wellwith wee koen and you all got some much needed sleep. Are you off to the country today Boop? Drive carefully. And Maewest, you will be working I would suppose. Have a great day whatever yu are doing. Must go, Hi to everyone I've missed

joystik (285 )    10:23 am, 23 Jul




Good morning


Had a lovely night last night with our family all home together. YAY. Sonia, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, going to take some time for Cass today and read her Angelina, thanks you are a sweetheart! Bogeyi - how are you guys? Joystik have a lovely day out. Stay warm!

paulaxx (78 )    11:23 am, 23 Jul




Have followed your thread


and think it's great that it has grown. But wtf are you doing reloading it all. Surely you have more important things to do that sit at a pc cutting and pasteing... these jokers may do the same thing again Sonia. My advice is to move and look ahead.... not waste time on the past. Especially if you are feeling poorly and have two girls and a hubby. Keep up the new thread but it's important you get yourself on the mend, some early nites and computer free time will do wonders. I'm sure the other thread members will agree health comes first. Just have the copy of the original thread for you.

zhapod (0 )    1:13 pm, 23 Jul






OK We've been out seeing the movie "Cars" - wow it was actually very cool - amazing graphics :o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:48 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Sonia


Josh was thrilled with the Cars book, as he has wanted to go to that movie too for ages. Cant take him though - too dangerous with bugs etc. When it comes out on DVD will get it for them. How are you feeling?

paulaxx (78 )    3:39 pm, 23 Jul




good afternoon everyone


have been finishing off the last of the washing we will need and went and did some shopping as the food they give the kids is would think that in a ward like that where eating is very important that they would make some appertising meals.

bogeyi (484 )    3:56 pm, 23 Jul




I figured that would be the case Paula


Josh not being able to see it - hence I grabbed that book when I saw it ;o) Glad he liked so much, thats awesome :o) I'm lost as to what to get Ryan... gotta get my thinking cap on ;o) I'm feeling much better thanks - still taking it easy though...

soniat-d (153 )    4:27 pm, 23 Jul




Thats you and me both Sonia!! I have been ....


wondering for days what I could send him too. If you come up with good ideas, or just any ideas, I would be pleased if you would share them with me. I don't know much about what boys like seeing as I only have a girl..

joystik (285 )    4:31 pm, 23 Jul




Thats a shame about the hospital food Bogeyi.


What does Josh think about the food at Kew Paula?? I thought it was pretty good for mass produced hospital food, the only thing I found was sometimes it wasn't overly hot when you got it, especially if you were on the wrong side of the corridor! And I have seen enough ice cream to last for ever too!!

joystik (285 )    4:36 pm, 23 Jul




Drum roll please....


Here you are my friends - its now online for all time - no one can ever vote this thread off now ;o) and yes those page number links do work ;o) A big thanks to Casey15 - this thread meant soo much to me, I'm MUCH happier now that it is here forever, instead of gone forever :o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:38 pm, 23 Jul




wow sonia


its great just like we are here, and the page i read had the day of my biopsy on ewwww at remembering it, good on ya it was a very special thread that is there forever now hehe nanas you cant vote that off

pomegal (100 )    5:21 pm, 23 Jul




Thanks Sonia


Well done! You did so well. Its so cool to have it there! Just read Cass the Angelina story and we both loved it! xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    5:23 pm, 23 Jul




Ohhh Sonia that is great, I'm so pleased for you


that you managed to get it all back. Thanks to Casey too. It meant so much to all of us actually. For me in the early stages just after diagnoses, it was a wonderful support and comfort to me when things seemed so 'dark'. I have made such wonderful friends that I will treasure forever. Thanks so much Sonia.....

joystik (285 )    5:24 pm, 23 Jul




Hey Bogeyi


My phone sometimes wont let me text you! Very annoying. Hope you got my last one. But anyway yesterday Josh was feeling so yucky, we decided got him some x-box games. His face was a picture, we got him scooby doo, harry potter, a flying one, crash bandicoot, need for speed. Canyou please tell me a game I can get for Ryan from Josh and I, I know how much these games have come in handy - josh feels so isolated in the hospital he zones off into his x-box world. If you can think of any game he would love, please tell me cos I dont want to double up. Thanks - thinking of you. xoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:27 pm, 23 Jul






Josh is so particular now about his food its very hard to please him anyway. The hospital kitchen have been doing so well to try and fulfill his requests, he writes on the menu what he feels like and they do their best. I found most of it - ok. Just not quite home cooking though is it. :o)

paulaxx (78 )    5:30 pm, 23 Jul




Question Ladies


I know that I have mentioned to Sonia and Joystik on Friday, that on Tuesday I am going for a mammogram and ultrasound and a biopsy on a lump they found, just wondering now how long does it take for the results of a biopsy to come back. This is me being patient and calm by the ;o)

paulaxx (78 )    5:50 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Paula :o)


Well from memory I had my original biopsy performed on a Wednesday and was told it would take a week, then on Friday afternoon they called to bring meeting forward to first this Monday (which I have always taken to mean that they must have gotten the results late Friday). So from all that, and from what I've heard from others experiences, I'm guessing that the longer the results take the better ;o) Good luck for Tuesday hun our fingers will all be crossed for you ;o) xoxoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    6:48 pm, 23 Jul






I had my follow-up mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on a Friday, and had the results the following Wednesday. This was at Waikato Hospital, but it probably varies with different Hospital boards, and depending how busy they are, I would imagine. I am wishing you the very, very best of luck.

dize5 (490 )    6:48 pm, 23 Jul




Thank you Sonia and dize5


I was thinking about a week. So we shall see. MMM the waiting is the hardest.Thanks again love to you :o) xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    7:04 pm, 23 Jul




paula thanks for the text, it means alot to me


the support i get from you guys. Thank you for thinking of him regarding the xbox but he honestly he dosent need any more games (im sure he begs to differ)he had a pile and then he got that package from xbox. He to goes in xbox mode, but i dont care becaue he is happy and it takes the pain away for a while.I hope one day Josh and Ryan can play together that would be fun. Good luck on Tues......

bogeyi (484 )    7:05 pm, 23 Jul




G'day to everyone here this evening


from a Southland farmer .Can I just quickly say to you Bogeyi that I will be thinking of you while the two wee men in your life do that transplant all over again .I am praying hard that it will be a success story this time.I can only imagine what your emotions are like at this time. Hugs and love to you all . In six or eight weeks time it would be the nicest thing to be able to tell us all, that it successful this time .

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:39 pm, 23 Jul




and Hi to you Paula


I rather like the greeting you replied to me with last night ...Gee you are having more to deal with at the moment also... If I can wish you luck for Tues. and I want to say how happy I am to have you as a 'neighbour' even if we haven't met in real life yet .

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:43 pm, 23 Jul




OOOh can I


grab the hundy?

soniat-d (153 )    7:46 pm, 23 Jul




We'd really like to send him something


bogeyi - DVD's? Books? Anything? What are his fave movies of late?

soniat-d (153 )    7:48 pm, 23 Jul




Farmerlloyd said it well ;o)


We will all be thinking of the boys this week Bogeyi and keeping our fingers crossed. Wishing for the very best possible outcome and hoping for miracles ;o) (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    7:51 pm, 23 Jul






Far enough about the xbox games. But like the others would love to give him something so expect a parcel in the next while. All the very best to you and your family and thanks to you too. Lots a love and hugs xoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    7:58 pm, 23 Jul






Hi again and thank you for your kind wishes. Not a very nice night out there tonight is it?

paulaxx (78 )    8:00 pm, 23 Jul






i also had a core biopsy and it seamed to take ages for the results i went on thurday and got the results the following thursday (they were posted out via my doc) SO COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT SOONER IF COMING STREIGHT FROMT HE CLINIC! ooops sorry for the caps

pomegal (100 )    8:12 pm, 23 Jul




I think this is quite funny ;o) Its a pic of my email inbox - check out all the emails from casey15 containing all the contents of the old thread LOL Can you make it out? What a star she was creating all those subfiles and emailing them to me :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:42 pm, 23 Jul






That must have taken her ages. What a lovely thing to do :)

janetmk1 (39 )    8:46 pm, 23 Jul






That is amazing. Like something of that Bruce Almighty movie.

paulaxx (78 )    8:48 pm, 23 Jul




You Too Sonia!!


You have worked hard getting it all on your site so we can all share it. Thankyou :))

janetmk1 (39 )    8:49 pm, 23 Jul




Wow, what have I missed!


Grr to loosing the old thread but already heaps for me to catch up in here. Bit late, but I'm Barbara, live in Oamaru, married with 3 step sons in their late 20's and have a soon to be 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son. Diagnosed breast cancer Nov 05 [found on mammagram - was very deep and would have been huge by time I could have felt it], had lumpectomy Dec, chemo Feb-Jun and 4 days away now from finishing 5 weeks radiation in Dunedin.

landylass (48 )    8:50 pm, 23 Jul




Hee hee


I'll say! She posted them through 100 posts at a time :o) (Files were huge) so there are more than shown there LOL So we only missed out on the last day and a bit of the old thread. Cool! Anyway, enough of that ;o) How has Josh been today Paula? Is he sleeping well?

soniat-d (153 )    8:52 pm, 23 Jul




Yah only 4 days to go....


had snow to contend with to get home on Friday and I'm getting sick of travelling icy roads! Sorry to see another wee one has joined this thread. Been wondering all week Paula how Joshi is. Sorry to hear he is still in hospital. Good luck Bogey with Ryans tests and transplant. Joystik, pleased to hear you are handling chemo so well.... I'm green with envy! Hope you pass your test. If I can with chemo brain, so can you! Sonia, sorry to hear you have bugs around again. Maewest how do you do those hours!!!! Don't think my hubby who I work for realised I was going to be off work for another 6 weeks after radiation finishes. Thinking of you all and after Friday I won't have to have a big weekend read and catchup!!!!! Hugs to everyone, especially all the littlies fighting the battle.

landylass (48 )    8:55 pm, 23 Jul




I know Landylass - welcome back!


Hey don't worry its not lost! Check out my post at #287 ;o) We just lost the impressive big number, but we've managed to keep the sentiment and the memories - much more important ;o) Only 4 days of radiation to go! Woohoo! You go girl! How are you feeling? How's the skin?

soniat-d (153 )    8:55 pm, 23 Jul




My outbox looks like Sonia's inbox


As I said to Sonia, it was no trouble at all and I was more than pleased to help. I don't post very often in many threads but I am a silent lurker and this is one thread that I read several times a time. My thoughts are with all of you and as I was watching Starwars this weekend I have to say 'May the force be with you'

casey15 (697 )    8:58 pm, 23 Jul




Feeling ok


tiredness has kicked in this week and this nightowl has started going to bed early! Skin is still broken under my boob but the nurse put a gel patch on it on Tuesday and that has helped heaps. Just started to see the treatment area this week, so fingers crossed I am going to sneak through without sunburn!

landylass (48 )    9:00 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Landylass, lovely to see you back. Haven't


things changed since you were here last week? Hope you have had a good week in unedin and you will no doubt be pleased that you are nearing the end of this. What follow up treatment do you have to have after this?? Are you feeling tired after all this treatment? Some people say they are quite tired after all the radio therapy. I would be very interested to know how you get on with it. I should be up there around November for my 3 weeks I think. Lovely to see you anyway Landylass....

joystik (285 )    9:01 pm, 23 Jul




omg i think Ryan is addicted to xbox


bought him one of those xbox bags (cool) that hold everything even has a holder for his games we filled those up (holds 16) and there was more on the shelf.....ooohhhh what a naughty

bogeyi (484 )    9:03 pm, 23 Jul




to my TM friends


thank you for your kind wishes to our family, I know its going to be a rough ride but hopefully there will only be a couple of weeks of horrible times.I will be on during the day and night as i have a laptop,this is my lifeline you guys will be the ones that keep me

bogeyi (484 )    9:06 pm, 23 Jul




Don't think there is any further


follow up. This is where you drop out of the system! Have to go back on 7 Aug for a heart echogram to see what damage chemo drugs did. Still got some weakness in muscles but been working at the gym and its helped heaps and also been trying to do heaps of walking. Think its been caused by a combination of lipex and the chemo. Still a bit of muscle aches and pains giving me grief at night but I am hoping that will go with time as I have been taken off the lipex for 6 months.

landylass (48 )    9:06 pm, 23 Jul




Thanks landylass, that is very helpful about the


radiotherapy. Everyone finds it a bit different dont they. And I suppose the more you have the more side effects?? Yes the snow has been a bit of a problem over the East coast this winter hasnt it. Not long to go. I have been swatting up on the Sale and Purchase agreement side of the test, and its getting the dates right that matters in those things. I will have a final go over it tomorrow and then it all in the lap of the Gods or the examiner!!

joystik (285 )    9:07 pm, 23 Jul




Bogey I guess its harder


this time because you know what you are all in for. Good luck and I agree about this thread being a lifeline. Good place to vent when you are having a bad day!

landylass (48 )    9:08 pm, 23 Jul




Good luck Joystik,


you can do it. I didn't know how I was going to cope with 9-5 classroom for those 2 days straight after chemo, but its amazing what a bit of determination does! Sonia was right about keeping heaps of cream on the treatment area. Its only this week I have the faintest of colour showing up where it is. Some I have seen have had real bad sunburn.

landylass (48 )    9:10 pm, 23 Jul




LOL Casey ;o)


We have all the Star Wars on DVD here - cool :o) I have to feeeel the force ;o) Lurk away, and hey, you're welcome to post anytime ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:10 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Paula, how are you tonight lovely?? Re your


query about the biopsy result, When I had my biopsy, I was told they would have the result the following day, but I would have to attend the Out Patient clinic to get the result. As it turned out, the clinic was already full, so I had to wait until the Friday to get in. That was only 3 days though, but I knew in my own mind what the result was anyway. I'll be thinking of you Paula...I know how this all feels....Hugs to you....

joystik (285 )    9:12 pm, 23 Jul






good luck with your mammagram. I had my results in 24 hours but that was private. Going thru what you are at the moment with Joshi and stress lets hope they don't hang around getting the good news back to you.

landylass (48 )    9:13 pm, 23 Jul




Glad its good Landylass


Wanted others to learn from my misfortune! The difference with my second treatment zone (by which time I'd learned the hard way how much cream needed to be applied) is astounding. So I try and spread the news far and wide ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:13 pm, 23 Jul




Wow 24 hours landylass?


Was that on the biopsy? Wow! Looks like there is no standard eh Paula!? Best of luck for Tuesday :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:15 pm, 23 Jul




Actually Paula, I asked them to just phone me with


the results, and the Breast Care nurse said 'No, we don't do that here'. I had 5 core biopsy's taken and 5 mammograms and an ultrasound. Are you having core biopsy of fine needle aspiration??

joystik (285 )    9:15 pm, 23 Jul




Thanks Sonia....


it has worked for me! Must away and get my bag packed for the last time. I'm home on Thursday night and the hubby leaves 5am Fri for Wellington! Have been going to the staff cafe at the hospital for my evening meals, so boy have I got a shock coming having to go back to cooking again after 5 weeks!

landylass (48 )    9:16 pm, 23 Jul




Thats real handy Landylass being able to have


you meal there at the cafe. Kevin and Lauren did that every night when they would come to visit me too. They thought the meals were quite good and only $5.50 which is cheap. Will be thinking of you and drive carefully wont you... Hugs 4 you too.....

joystik (285 )    9:18 pm, 23 Jul




Yeah, had my


mammagram, ultra sound & biopsey all done by about 4.30pm and my GP had the results before lunch the next day! Mind you I had dashed to the lawyer to pick up a contract on new business between the ultra sound and biopsey and I had hung it on them I needed to know what I was facing like urgent as we had some major decisions to make!

landylass (48 )    9:18 pm, 23 Jul




Its easy to get used to someone else doing the


cooking eh?! Oh well, enjoy the last few days, it'll feel wierd when its over, like the safety net has been pulled away. Best of luck with it all. I must go now!

soniat-d (153 )    9:19 pm, 23 Jul




I had a couple of slides


getting over the motorway in snow on Friday so am glad to see there will be no ice on the road tomorrow. Have a late appointment so can have a lie in!

landylass (48 )    9:20 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Bogeyi, I will be thinking of you 24/7 in the..


next few days and weeks while you get through this rough patch with your lovely boys. Just wish there was more we could do for you all, but we can only be there for you and send our love and very best wishes and I will pray for you all too. Will be looking forward to your updates and will be following Ryans progress with great interest. Please let me know if there is anything I could send up for Ryan. He's a very special boy. You are a very special family. Love and Hugs to you all.

joystik (285 )    9:23 pm, 23 Jul




Hi Sonia, thanks for all your effort in putting


thread back together. Its been a bit of a busy old time for you too. Glad you are feeling much better. Do you have Vit.C tomorrow?? or Tuesday? I've got something on almost every day this week I think, including Chemo on Thursday! Hope you have a good sleep tonight, and see you tomorrow (((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:26 pm, 23 Jul




joystik there know that email you sent


with those hunky men well 1 a day will do me fine Sonia..snap ryan loves star wars has all the dvds, and loves matrix his nana made him a matrix coat and lives in it, will see if i can get pic.

bogeyi (484 )    9:31 pm, 23 Jul






Im not sure what sort of Biopsy, the dr said - Yes you have a lump, you need an ultra sound, mammogram and a biopsy. I just figured it will be an aspiration???? The lovely lady said it would be Tuesday. I feel so lucky to be getting in so quickly, think they felt sorry for me with Josh. But what about the poor other ladies that have to wait ages when they find a lump. :o/. Anyway, I guess I will know more tomorrow I have to pop in to imaging and get my appointment time. If I dont come back from the hospital tomorrow I will have to stay with Josh again. They didnt discharge him as I said think they felt sorry for me as it was my birthday and the lump etc. So thats why he was allowed home. If his counts are still low they may keep him again. Hi Landylass nice to hear from you again xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:32 pm, 23 Jul






Its because of you that I asked my GP for a mammogram hun! You got me thinking. Then when I read your website today and your initial discovery on Brents birthday I thought OMG -thats exactly how mine has been feeling. I am not going to speculate, Im too tired to think at the moment. Tuesday will be here soon and then we will see. But whatever - YOU are the one I cant thank enough!!!!! ;o)

paulaxx (78 )    9:35 pm, 23 Jul






Joystik sent me that one too. Bit Cute!!! We will be here for you whenever you need us, you have my mobile too so please anytime you wanna chat or anything please let me know. xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:37 pm, 23 Jul




thanks paula



bogeyi (484 )    9:39 pm, 23 Jul




Oh ok Paula, Mine was a core biopsy which is a


bit different to a FNA. I dont really know if the result time would be the same or not, but I would almost assume so. Mine would have been available within the 24 hours if I could have got in to get them. Do you have it all done at the Mammography Cottage or just at imaging?? I had all mine done atthe cottage. Thats the wee White cottage right outside the Cafe window. Good luck anyway. You and bogeyi will have to share those chaps between, maybe you could work out a roster?? Not much point while you are both away from home though is it?? Does Josh have bloods again tomorrow?? I will have mine on Tuesday at Oncology. I might hve to come in and see you before 11.30 just incase they are late with the appointment. I have to be at the Real Estate assessment at 1pm so cutting it pretty fine really....But I will be seeing YOU!! Even if I have to stand on my head to do it!!

joystik (285 )    9:45 pm, 23 Jul




Yeah Bogeyi that was pretty good viewing really


wasn't it, and it came from Boop!! Shes got good taste too. What time are you admitted tomorrow?? Have you an address in there or will you post it on Ryans site, or just your home PO Box???

joystik (285 )    9:47 pm, 23 Jul




Boop,where are you tonight?? And Maewest too??


I suppose you have got lost out in the country sidesomewhere in all that sunshine that they showed on TV tonight. It wasn't such a bad day here either attimes. Sun came up beautifully, and within an hour it was just pouring with rain. We went to Riverton to Church today, first time for many years for us, and it was ghastly weather down there. Thats coastal so it gets the first and the worst of the weather. Coming home the weather got better and better and was lovely when we got home. Had a great day actually. Did you work again Maewest?? You must be nearly ready for days off again arent you?? Have you still got the children staying or was that just for the weekend??

joystik (285 )    9:52 pm, 23 Jul




Boop, I think Sherri and Ray are due back to CHCH


tomorrow. I believe she has handed her notice in at the motels, so dont know what they plan to do from there. She hates CHCH so maybe they will travel to Hector and live there. I know they both love it over there so I guess its a big possibility. See you tomorrow....(((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:54 pm, 23 Jul




Oh well peoples, I'm off to bed now after another


busy day, socialising!! All forms part of a good day I think! Will be especially thinking of you tomorrow Bogeyi and Ryan, and send you heaps of love and good wishes, as well as you Paula and Joshi. Take care everyone, sleep tight, sweet dreams, and see you all tomorrow, all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to FIGHT on for another week. (((((HUGS)))))

joystik (285 )    9:58 pm, 23 Jul




joystik we will get the kids off to school


then head in, PO box is the best most gauranteed to get to us..

bogeyi (484 )    10:00 pm, 23 Jul




Nanite from


Me too. Love and hugs to you all xoxox

paulaxx (78 )    10:06 pm, 23 Jul




Better late that never!!


12 hour stint today and have spent the last half catching up on here. Bogey, all the very best for tomorrow for you and your boys. I hope it all goes to plan, or better. My love and thoughts are with you all. Good to see you Landylass. Last week...yay. You will be happy to bet home later in the week and stay put. Pleased to hear that all your aches and pains are starting to come right. Joystik,a big week for you. Halfway...YES!! Only 3 more to go. You are doing so well. (((HUGS))) to you.

maewest (79 )    11:12 pm, 23 Jul




Paula I'm so glad


you had a lovely weekend with your family. My thoughts will be with you on Tuesday. As if you haven't got enough to contend with. Looking forward to hearing the positive results. I got my results faster by ringing my GP. They seem to receive them fairly quickly..2 days from memory. Hope all goes well for Josh this week to. (((HUGS))) to you all. Pleased you are feeling better Sonia. You take it easy this week. What a great job you and Casey have done with the old thread. Well done!! Have a great week (((HUGS))) to you too.

maewest (79 )    11:16 pm, 23 Jul




Have been watching


a doco on TV while I have been writing this. I see they are making a movie based on the book "Denniston Rose". It was a superb book. Can't wait to see the movie. I'm off to bed too. Nitey nite everyone XXX

maewest (79 )    11:18 pm, 23 Jul





Hi bogeyi and paula


Hope I am not too late to wish you and the boys all the best before they go in tomorrow. My thoughts are with you and who cares if you spoil ryan he deserves it. HUGS from Boop

boop2 (109 )    11:26 pm, 23 Jul




Bluddy hell Paula


as if you haven't got enough to contend with. I went over to ST Georges breast clinic with my sister and they done everything in the one day. CH CH. They took a mini bus from Westport over to CHCH put everyone up in a motel and they spent the next day at the clinic having it all done at once to save going back again so she knew before we left that night about 5.30 that her lump was cancer. It was amazing service. All the best Paula and hugs for Joshi I do hope he picks up soon.

boop2 (109 )    11:32 pm, 23 Jul




Hi maewest


what a long day for you .DON'T over do it. Denniston Rose was a great book that is not far from where I live and it will be marvelous if they do film it. I think Heart of Coal is another one she wrote about Denniston. Glad you had sunshine today we had rain but not complaining. Cheers Boop

boop2 (109 )    11:35 pm, 23 Jul




Welldone Casey


you have certainly made sonia perk up. I never got an answer from trade me. We know what to do now though. Thanks for helping sonia feel better.

boop2 (109 )    11:37 pm, 23 Jul




Hi sonia


So pleased that you are resting now. I put the old thread in favourites cause there is so much reading in it and so much to refer too. God bless

boop2 (109 )    11:39 pm, 23 Jul




Hi joystick


what a great game of netball I really enjoyed it. The Boks certainly slowed the game down but it didn't do them any good. I went out country hit a large rock on the way home I never saw it till it was too late I looked in the rear vision mirror and thought I saw a hub cap going down into the ditch so I stopped it was just on dark and yes, I had lost two hub caps I searched but it was too steep so will take Malc and go and look tomorrow. I also buckled the wheel so have to get a new one . Not a good end to my day. I thought Sheri might do that I don't blame her I hope she calls in here. I love her accent. Glad every thing is fine with you. Hugs and take care with your busy week.

boop2 (109 )    11:47 pm, 23 Jul




me again bogey


is ryan in Starship hos? Coming from the South not really up with the North Island Hos. Thanks

boop2 (109 )    11:49 pm, 23 Jul




Hi all


Good luck everyone with all thats on this week. I have meeting with my oncologist this evening, and vitc tomorrow morning. Have had a bad few days where I feel like the lumps are growing arrrgh! Comes and goes... I have to keep reminding myself how the radiation keeps working and has affected the tissue around the lumps... I just get scared and worried sometimes, wish this was all just a bad dream :o/ Anyway, hope you all have a good day, I'm gonna take it easy again.

soniat-d (153 )    8:02 am, 24 Jul




Just popped in


to wish you and the boys all the best today Bogeyi. Will be thinking of you heaps, and praying that this time around is 100% better. Big hugs and love to you xxxxx

meridian1 (300 )    8:06 am, 24 Jul




and to you Paula


I hope your weekend was awesome. Best of luck for Tuesday!!!! Lots of love and positive thoughts for you honey.

meridian1 (300 )    8:08 am, 24 Jul




Morning Bogeyi and Ryan....hope the day treats you


really well, and that everything goes to plan for you and yours over the next days, weeks, and months....I will be thinking of you and seend mylove and very best of wishes for everything for you. Take care and stay strong....

joystik (285 )    8:58 am, 24 Jul




Hi Paula and Josh....glad you're feeling better ..


and I guess on your way back to Kew by now, after a lovely weekend at home all together. Hope tomorrow goes well for you Paula, and just know that all of us on here have empathy for exactly how it feels to be where you are just now. I will be thinking of you. I'm very hopeful that it will be a minor glitch in the system for you. Stay strong and take care too (((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:02 am, 24 Jul




Hi Sonia, hope you have a good day today, maybe


a little more rest? Good luck with your Oncologist meeting tonight, I will be interested in what he has to say about the lumps. Hopefully they have shrunk considerably or gone all together. I certainly make one nervous. I know with me I am always feeling round the area to see if there are changes to report, and so far there haven't been thank goodness. Will be thinking of you too. Have a great day. Not long until your holiday now is it??

joystik (285 )    9:05 am, 24 Jul




Hey Boop, sounds like you were doing a bit of


cross country!! Hopefully you will find your hub caps other wise you might have to look for new ones on Trade Me!! Just a stunning day here so I am doing washing for Africa and then more study. Last chance to have it all brushed up for tomorrow. I had such a restless sleep last night. Couldn't stop thinking about Bogeyi and Ryan, the Paula and Josh, then Luke and Koen,then Sonia, then trying to negotiate the sale of this house, and wondering if I had written the contract up correctly. Roll on tomorrow and it will all be done and dusted, which ever way it works out.....You have a great day too.....

joystik (285 )    9:08 am, 24 Jul




Gee Maewest, you were late last night. Then there


all this reading to do once you get home. Willbe a busy week here for me but hopefully the week in which I gain my Real Estate Sales Persons Certificate, and then can start down a new career path in life. I am looking forward to doing it. Its all going to be a big surprise around here cos I havent told a single person what I have been up to!! The day is so beautiful here too, no frost and a warm wind blowing. Might go for a Bike ride later too. Oncology omorrow as well then Chemo thursday, number 3 and half finished....YAY. Have a perfect day maewest....

joystik (285 )    9:14 am, 24 Jul




Hi Luke and Koen, hope you have had a lovely.....


weekend with you family all together. Will be thinking of you all today as you head back to hospital to start on your treatment with wee Koen. It can be a long and winding road, but you will get there. Make the ost of the support that you have too Luke. I will be thinking of you and praying for a full recovery for wee Koen, he's just beautiful..Stay strong and take care of each other...(((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:16 am, 24 Jul




Hi Meridian, hows things with you today? Hope


you have a great weekend too and have a nice sunny day to enjoy. Hi Dize, you up to anything exciting today? Hows Hamilton weather? My neice lives at Otorohonga, which is up near you I think isnt it. She reckons she gets enough unsatisfactory weather, but that maybe only because she has young children to amuse! Hi Farmerlloyd, better day for feeding animals today? Who wouldn't want to be a farmer on a day like this?? The weekend sport was great wasnt it. Hi global, janet and casey, hope today treats you and yours well too. Must go and do something. Take care and see you again soon.....

joystik (285 )    9:21 am, 24 Jul




Hi Landy lass, last week in Dunedin for you?......


I'll be thinking about you down there this week and send my love and best wishes you way for a great week. Take care on those roads wont you. Its a bad time of year for a lot of comuting up and down that piece of NZ. Take care....

joystik (285 )    9:23 am, 24 Jul




Morning Everyone :))


I will be thinking of you all as you getthrough another week of treatment.Especially the little ones. Good for you bogeyi letting Ryan stay on the xbox lots, its an escape for the kids, one they desparately need.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:52 am, 24 Jul




Hi kiwikaz, hope all is well with your family too.


have missed you on here and hope its just because you are too busy to post. Beautiful day here today and hope its the same for you in town. Been thinking of you during the week. Take care and love to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:52 am, 24 Jul




Hi joystik


Thank you for the cheery greeting. So far it is a nice sunny day in Hamilton, but the skies are grey around us. Otorohanga is only about an hour south of here. You have a very busy week coming up, so all the best for every aspect of it. I value your friendship.

dize5 (490 )    10:17 am, 24 Jul




Hi Sonia